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Tizen OS to develop its own operating system is the culmination of efforts by Samsung. Smartphones or tablets so far has not made its way, but in 2015 will be included on all Samsung Smart TV.

Among others seamless content sharing features for automatic detection of devices, including Samsung. In their home network, users can also watch TV without turning on your TV on their smartphones and tablets are broadcast.

Finally, Tizen’s vision is an operating system that runs everywhere. However, this is easier said than done. It was announced two years ago to much fanfare and iOS and Android, as a competitor to what was presented. Delay, consumer interest and properly align with suppliers and carriers to lack of failure, Tizen smartwatches only things running and some cameras have made your Samsung.

In a statement, Samsung said:

“The way society consumes entertainment … multiple devices and endless material from a variety of sources. The changes are designed to be recognized, Samsung’s new platform that connects a fun experience is designed to provide both agile and powerful. ”
Recently, the company which are very popular in the developing countries of cheap smartphones, the focus has changed Tizen OS. With the inclusion of Smart TV, the company’s smartwatches and comes under the umbrella of the Internet of Things everything as an integral part of the gadget that is going to make it.

Tizen OS, powered by Smart TV prototype is expected to be on display at CES 2015.

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