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Standard chartered on Closure Drive of Branches of Pakistan

Standard Chartered Bank, London-based head of the Bank of England, in the traditional branches of Pakistan is a unit of fast closing.

Standard Chartered in the development of a possible settlement of transactions in online banking to save or even OPEX a strategic shift from traditional banking can mean.

UK-based bank, which will save Asia, Africa and the Middle East through the reduction of 100 branches in line with its plan to reduce costs in several Pakistani cities are likely to push them off branches to 400 million in 2015 dollars.

116 branches in 22 cities currently operates only while the Standard Chartered Bank, in the last five years Pakistan has closed 46 branches.

42 places in the bank operated 162 branches.

Despite the profit, Standard Chartered Bank 46 branches in Pakistan in the last five years closed

In September 2014, Standard Chartered sold Orix Leasing Limited, a potential buyer by companies which are in the process of due diligence of the two subsidiaries, namely “Standard Chartered services” and “Standard Chartered Probably”.

Orix practice in a production agreement is likely to be completed.

Consequently, Orix Leasing Limited, a 100% interest in Standard Chartered’s services and Standard Chartered Probably will receive 20% of the shares, Standard Chartered Bank have signed a memorandum of understanding with.

Standard Chartered’s operations in Pakistan when asked about, officials view the current operational strategy in the direction chosen to give a careful and Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan with more attention to improving its branch network has been working in the commercial areas of central banking business profitable.

Bank of digital technology, which means that it is considering opening branches customers will be used to provide personalized services.

More than 60 percent of bank transactions online banking customers a number of moving from traditional banking process demonstrated, is through online media is witnessing or advanced.

Supermarket in 18-30 years age group, and most of them are Internet users, 60 percent of Pakistan’s population decline and therefore, the Bank is working with the Bank of intelligence, suggests users online presence that exploit the dynamics of demands, officials said Standard Chartered.

It slightly increased from Rs Bank, during the first nine months of 2014 of 11.4 million with profit before tax continues to provide consistent financial performance that is pertinent to mention here. 11.4 billion during the last years.

Foreign banks in Pakistan banking environment due to increasing competition in the industry players and mostly limited to business market is becoming a challenge for the unbanked in Pakistan.

Moreover, Standard Chartered by the US government fined Rs 300 crore, especially since, in Pakistan is very careful about the problems of money laundering last year.

In the past, the Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC have wrapped up its global business in the country. Citibank, Habib Bank Limited sold its portfolio of consumer and Barclays in Pakistan usually sell them to local operations is negotiating with various banks.


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