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Nokia in the market, such as Apple and Samsung had great players, but gradually improved product by introducing a budget-friendly prices gained momentum when Chinese manufacturers, please check the smartphone arena, was not overwhelming at first. It Xiaomi smartphones in 2014 and was one of five successful brands, Huawei also a constant and the number of smartphones Huawei Honor budget of 20 million to 1 million in sales will increase online strategy.

, After observing its successful online business that has been copied from it Xiaomi decent deal with a strategy to penetrate emerging markets, in honor of the company’s strategy to play an important role in the success of smartphones, but the company online Smartphone decided to go online.

The company blamed the continued growth and its executive and its local competitors to recruit the best brands in just a few years the growth in the near future it Xiaomi hopes to overcome. Chinese brands that success was something very unusual about.

The president of the company’s online strategy to adapt to the inevitable calls for very competitive prices. He According to Reuters, the e-commerce market approach and the extent to soak for Change is necessary for Huawei added.

But it Xiaomi OnePlus Huawei and Lenovo are also online strategy and Lenovo also sell online to a whole unit, said online is not the only one who got involved.

Q3 2014 IDC Xiaomi Mi top five smartphone manufacturers in the world, entered and took third place in the list that said in October. It Xiaomi smartphones shipped 17.3 million units are incredibly good stake in the company and E4 is shown.

The problem of honor occupied only part of the emerging markets and to reduce their prices, India, Brazil and Pakistan has pushed other local brands, but because of the company’s profit margins increase and are not to do it, analysts Company in developed markets with decent price ranges to focus more on high-end devices are recommended. Latin America and South Asia, the company Honor arm with its enormous potential, Europe needs to penetrate the market.

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