QMobile company’s new range of smartphones to support LINQ Priyanka Chopra has signed, from things LINQ in Pakistan with the name brand launched its new smart phone and is about to start.

The reported range QMobile specifications LINQ to better smartphone, Android phone included. We are no exact figures, but no official word smartphones LINQ more RAM, better storage capacity and better operating system while carrying. Yes, they will support 3G networks.

Zeeshan Akhtar, QMobile about the release of LINQ’s CEO confirmed substantial new range of smartphones and more modern, standards and is designed specifically for young people.

Unofficial reports, the company began with a price tag of Rs three smartphones will launch indicate that. That will be up to Rs 12,000. 30,000 for high-end device.

We fight for the hungry smartphone users to try to assume LINQ smartphones, they were not ready to embrace QMobile.

Z4 and Z3 Pakistan to offer 50 percent market share in the mobile phone market share, and despite, QMobile for mid to high-level market has struggled to balance.

Smartphones LINQ clearly is an attempt to change that.

With Priyanka Chopra on board, at a price that is affordable to prefer high-end gadgets have become popular among young people is expected LINQ smartphones.

LINQ is expected to be released this Sunday.



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