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How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

This is one of the frequently asked questions that How to Make Money Online in Pakistan?  It is not quite a difficult question. Upwork and Fiverr are the most commonly well-known platforms through which most people are earning as a freelancer. Mostly, people want to earn money online especially in Pakistan. Although, a lot of people do not have a job or any earning hands. However, they want to support their family financially. People are finding to have another source of income due to the increasing unemployment and inflation rate in Pakistan. Most students want to earn money from online sources and this is also the bitter truth that they fall prey to the cheater. Then, they lose their hope. If you are a student and urge to get information that HOW to Earn Money Online in Pakistan then you came to the right place.

When most of us are seeking to know that how to earn money in Pakistan. Then, they came across several sources to get money online. However, all of them are not reliable sources: a number of sources are right and a few are not.

No need to become puzzled, we got you. Here, through this article, you will get to know all the possible and reliable sources to earn money online in Pakistan.


Mostly, the Pakistani people figure out a different question regarding earning money online. Here mentioned a number of common queries:

  • In Pakistan, what is the solid medium for earning money online from home?
  • As a student, in Pakistan how can one earn money online?
  • Which one is the easiest way for making money online?

In this article, you will get answers to all questions regarding information about online earning. Just take some of your time and read the entire medium to earn money online in Pakistan. There are many sources to earn money online in Pakistan. Here is a list of these media for earning money online in Pakistan:

  • Freelancing
  • YouTube
  • Digital Marketing
  • Proofreading
  • Academic Writing
  • Offering Tax services
  • Become a Reviewer
  • Data Entry
  • Blogging
  • Start Content Writing work

You have read the names of all the sources through which you can earn money online. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind and that is a skill. All the above-mentioned ways require some type of skill. Although this not matter to lose hope, you can learn any skill you just give your time.


Most Of us especially, students are well known with the name of Freelancing. A Freelancer is a person who is self-independent and is not signed to any particular employer.


In many institutions and industries, the word freelancing is common. Music, web, design, translating, film, illustrating, graphic design, writing, and video production are the various departments where freelancing is a mainly known word.

Some institutions or corporations engage freelancers. Freelancers job with institutions or firms and this does not make them their workforce. Although their job with that organization on an agreement basis.

Different Freelancing Website

There are various portal sites where you can research various types of jobs and gain money online. Such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and People per Hour, Freelancer, and so on are web portals where one person can get work and earn regarding your set of skills or talents.

online earning web

Freelancer is a famous and usual freelancing web portal. You just have to assemble your description on it and give a payment system you will utilize. Add your amount or debit card description to accept payment or you can utilize PayPal medium as well. You require to offer on projects to get the job on it.


Upwork is also a famous freelance platform. The work you achieve here is actual and you obtain work from registered accounts. So Upwork is much better if you desire to obtain good and real work. One thing more, here mostly the work you will get are mostly long-term basis. You will acquire to assemble a perfect profile on it and Upwork will evaluate your portfolios. After noticing they will give feedback to you about the level of your portfolios. However, they will be notified if your proposal is gained or not.



Fiverr is another web portal where the freelancer is getting a lot of income. You can perceive different types of job on it.


Mostly, the Pakistani Student is using this website and getting a lot of income from it. Just make a portfolio on it and submit your assignment. Although, a concerned person like you then she or he will employ you.


People per hour is another famous web portal where everyone can gain money online in Pakistan. At this platform, you can charge users by your per-hour rate that you can set with them.


Therefore, just making a portfolio on it and start getting income from home. You can gain writing employment or any other job that you desire.


All Pakistani people are well-aware of YouTube. They use YouTube for several factors. You can view various videos on it: from tutorials to movie trailers. If you wish to acquire a new skill then YouTube is best for you. Many people are getting money from YouTube in Pakistan. People launched making their channels, after the monetization process of YouTube in Pakistan.


If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you just need to make your own YouTube. After creating Channel, you have to start publishing videos on it. The most important factor to earn money from YouTube is your content. Your content should quite unique and impressive. If you can do so then you can easily earn money from it.

Digital Marketing

With the development in technology and the rush of various social media applications, portals, platforms or digital marketing occurring commonly in Pakistan. Digital Marketing is considered a term that involves promoting, advertising, and making the online appearance of businesses by different digital fields.


Everyone who wants to know how to get money through digital marketing? Then the answer is that it is quite easy to earn a good income (money) through digital marketing. Be up to date on some important things, you want to open a digital marketing business.

You must have the proper expertise, you desire to open a digital marketing organization. Have knowledge of how to advertise your products on different social media platforms. So this is how one can start earning money.


Next comes Proofreading, Proofreading is also the best way to earn money online in Pakistan. If you can give proofreading services, then you can use various freelance web portals.


Moreover, you can use social media platforms for getting a proofreading job. Many writers hire proofreaders to proofread their articles and books. Therefore, you can get money online in Pakistan by Proofreading articles, books, essays, thesis, and reports, and so on.

Anyone can earn money online in Pakistan but you need to acquire some inspiration and hard work. Try different sources and try to attain a relevant job. You can use a number of different skills and can earn online. Please be aware to fall into the trap of cheaters and do good research on how to earn money online in Pakistan before going in.


Blogging is also a good source to obtain income in Pakistan especially for students. You can start your blog. Furthermore, you can write for various web portals. It only depends on you that how you desire to acquire money.


If you decide to start your blog then you should have good writing expertise. You can write various blogs because it depends on you what are you writing like news related blog or a service review or celebrity blog. You can write anything that you want but be careful because do not try to copy another blog.

In a simple way to earn online through blogs; you have to just open the website either from WordPress or Blogger. Nowadays, a number of websites are also offering just services. After it, you have to register your blog. Now you can write on a topic of your interest. It all depends on how you advertise your blog. Although, people like your writing blogs then they will read and visit your blogs. There are different websites you can write a blog for them as well. Such as Ehow, About, Squidoo, and Hubpages.

Academic Writing

Nowadays, academic writing is also one of the best ways to get online income in Pakistan. If you have any idea about all over world student hire people to job on their thesis projects and assignments.

academic writing

You can get an academic task from the freelance web portals mentioned in the above article. Although, many people from United States, United Kingdom, and also people from the Middle East wage people to complete their assignments and many people also pay to write an easy on a specific topic. Academic writing work is a good source especially for students because they acquire knowledge of many things and get paid for it.

Data Entry

You can get many job opportunities for Data entry in Pakistan. Data entry job is a good source to get income online in Pakistan. You just need to acquire the necessary computer skills for this job.



No doubt, this a time acquiring the job. You can easily use freelancers and some other web portals to get data entry. You can also focus on your social surrounding for a man who is doing data entry work. If you are looking for online earning in Pakistan, Data Entry is a good job for students.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing, this field is one of the superb ways to earn online in Pakistan. However, again here, you must have graphic designing skills. If you are not having that specific skill: graphic designing then you can not earn money this way.


Graphic designing is a well-paid job. You can get potential international clients with the help of a bit effort: visiting different freelancing websites. With the help of different social media platform, you can advertise your work as well for getting work.

Offering Tax Services

If you about Tax and can offer services relevant to it then you must begin a Tax consultancy organization. With some investment, you can start and you can work from home and file people’s tax returns. In Pakistan, there are not people who are offering tax consultants.


You can try to use this gap in the market and initiative to get money online in Pakistan. It is a good source to get money online for a business student.

Become a Reviewer

It is an easy way to earn money online in Pakistan by just become a reviewer. Many bloggers and vloggers are hired through various organizations to write a review or do a video review of their service or product.


You must have a good Instagram or Facebook display if you want to become a reviewer. Many people do mobile reviews on YouTube and are getting a good income. If you can do food reviews then just writes on it. You have to acquire to invest in your portfolio so various organization and brands come to you for your services.

So keeping these platforms in view you can earn a lot without getting into any person’s trape.



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