Shibli refutes Fawad’s claim, ‘Homemade ventilators not useful’

Shibli refutes Fawad’s claim, ‘Homemade ventilators not useful’

Shibli Faraz, who is a newly appointed Science and Technology Minister, he claimed that the locally produced ventilators are not useful in addition our country has a shortage of other resources such as oxygen also to deal with any critical situation amid the surging of the covid cases.

This statement of Shilbi refuted the saying of his predecessor Fawad Chaudhry; he said that in a cabinet recently that reshuffle, and made in the information minister.

Fawad had claimed that Pakistan had joined to the ranks of those a few numbers of countries that are producing ventilators: their own-self. Furthermore, he said when he was working as science and technology minister that a ventilator is one of those complicated machines and every country does not have the capacity to make it.



Generally, a ventilator consists of 16 functions; however, the ventilators which are created at local level have only four, this thing he revealed after visiting NUST (the National University of Science and Technology) on Monday in Islamabad.

The minister stated that NRTC (the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation) and private organizations were also manufacturing the ventilators in our country.

While answer a question regarding the activating the Oxygen Plant of PSM (the Pakistan Steel Mills), he responded that the ministry of production and industries is looking into the Oxygen Plant of PSM. In addition, regarding this he has told also the minister of production and industries.

Although, he stated that the PSM Oxygen Plant may not be ran immediately operational due to a number of problems.

During the worse Covid-19 situation in India, Shibli gave statement about supporting that Pakistan will definitely do India as much it will possible for Pakistan. He added that is the matter of humanity and Pakistan’s sympathies are with India.

Last year, in November, Fawad Ch., the science and technology minister, claimed that Pakistan has become self-sufficient regarding manufacturing the material related to Covid-19 and it is just the fruit of the scientists’ efforts, technicians, and engineers.

“The country lacked when the

During the first phase of Covid-19, our country lacked regarding the medical equipment against the pandemic in the month of February. However, presently, the situation is quite different, this statement is published by Radio Pakistan after saying of the federal minister.

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