Evaluation of Social Media in Pakistan

Social Media in Pakistan

Social Media in Pakistan is the buzzword in recent years, but has been developed for research is interesting.

During the research and writing of digital amnesia, I remember us from a lot of content in social media and through various social media platforms to summarize the basic fact has been putting a lot of data on the Internet How it was found active. What intrigued me even more social media has evolved over time, and how the future of the platform’s most popular social media possibilities somewhat.

The rise of social platforms: MSN AOL, Yahoo,

Social media shortly after the term may have originated, but like AOL, Yahoo, and MSN chat as services to their members want to create their profiles in the social platforms of the early days of the Internet can be detected. 2000s come and see social media platforms like MySpace and Orkut. They were around a few years and then just disappeared.

Facebook to leave behind what was on offer to their users to lose traction for these platforms could be several reasons. Regarding the use of social media are rare global data, we use in North America have the interesting data. One such interesting data on Facebook and other social media sites Facebook with sage among youth around the world about 1.35 billion active users has jumped from 49 percent to 9 percent is how.

Facebook users with 1.35 billion, the largest social network in the by world :

Social media really change the way people perceive and use of the Internet can be termed as the question is where is it? According to some experts on public profiles were calculated in the coming years and anonymity are important benefits. Youth was the driving force for social media platforms while they are referring to here, recently more and more elderly people are now using these platforms.

The latest figures for the first time, according to Pew Research, for example Facebook, Take, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) are using Facebook . This represents 31% of all seniors in the United States and this is leading to something that they once enjoyed is no freedom Facebook adolescents and their parents, aunts and uncles on, Grandpa the syndrome is called the dinner table. Read more Facebook is still the most popular social networking site is slow growth means that reinforces the by point.

Focus on privacy of social network are expected to shape the future

One of the important factors that could now be looking for more privacy, and to accept friend requests are thinking twice before. Experts believe that the future of social media in micro-communities. We Tumblr, Snapchat and social media platforms like Instagram amazing to see the growth of these claims can be verified. Asset base grew 120% last year Tumblr users. Tendency to read tweets as Instagram photo memories is turning to watch short bursts.

According to Pew, for the first time, the Internet age 18-29 (53%), almost half of young adults who use use Instagram. And all Instagram users (49%) use the site everyday and if there is enough evidence Tumblr rejected its $ 3 billion Zuckerberg’s why they paid for Instagram everything and we all know why 0F half. Furthermore LinkedIn maximum professionals continues to grow as attached.

YouTube to get more steam for all video content has become the main platform:

The amazing fact achieve the above platforms or younger customers, while continuing to increase the use of YouTube and all social media platforms are optimized for YouTube’s own. Emphasis on video content is greater than ever. Communication and people spend more and more materials each other, are generated. This is due to the large institutions that propagate between the old and the new frontier of digital marketing and social media in recent years, the big jump into the bandwagon, new media has blurred the lines.

Large companies are more and more users come online through the content they want to share their brand experiences. As soon as a new form of digital marketing wearable technology goes mass market as has achieved, social media the way we live and what we do can be. This may scare many among us, and it all seems right stuff for Minority Report, but the opportunities are unlimited.

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