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Given the competition from mobile operators, wireless broadband speeds of 36Mbps PTCL theoretically capable of delivering the rotor has announced new plans for the service.

With a range of different monthly data available, EVO spooling service comes at a price as low as Rs. 1,800 per month. Furthermore, a new plan 100GBs is presented with a monthly limit.
Not to mention, data limitations that some users are still rejected. But considering all the available wireless broadband services are a heavy user of data on the fly, but still considered a better option comes with a lid EVO Data Services.

PTCL 3G operators clearly is having a tough time, and clearly this was why he spooling service of four to five times faster than 3G networks to mention it.

Broadband market, how to get a better idea, PTCL is heated wrote on his Facebook page that checks the chart below.
CharJi Features

With Charji EVO dongle ‘n’ Play Connectivity Plug
Charji EVO multiple device connectivity with the cloud
Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad / Rawalpindi current coverage
Cover 250+ EVDO 3G connectivity for seamless backward compatibility cities
(Depending on network capacity and environment) and up to 7-14Mbps uploads 18-36Mbps download peak data rates of service
5-15 Mbps on the downlink and 2-5 Mbps uplink average
CharJi EVO tariff

Charji starter (20GB monthly volume): Rs. 1,800 per month
Charji Chrome (30GB monthly volume): Rs. 2,500 per month
Charji Gold (50GB monthly volume): Rs. 4,000 per month
Charji Unlimited (100GB monthly volume): Rs. 6,000 per month
Note: Additional Charji bucket is Rs.500 for 5GB. Prices include all taxes.
Prices spooling devices

Once the charges and specifications of the device are:

Wingle Rs rotor. 2500
A USB memory (plug-N- Share) format rotor WiFi modem.
It is powered by an external USB socket can be.
More than 200 cities in Pakistan for Rev.B 9.3 Mbps connectivity with standard fallback option compatible with CDMA2000 1X EV-DO Rev.B.
At the same time adds up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.
Sharing via WiFi, microSD card.
Web remote access to the microSD card.
Huawei cloud rotor Rs. 3500
Spooling device dual-mode mobile hotspot.
At the same time adds up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.
User interface style menu on the front with 1.45 ‘TFT LCD.
Sharing the microSD card via WiFi interface.
Web remote access to the microSD card.
1500 mAh battery with up to 5 hours of use.
Backward compatibility for Rev.B (9.3 Mbps 3G seamless connectivity to more than 200 cities covered Rev.B)
Clouds loom at c. 3500
At the same time adds up to 10 Wi-Fi devices
Supported Battery 1700 mAh Li-ion battery for 4 hours
More than 250 cities covered Backward compatibility for 3G EVDO connectivity problems
Wi-Fi 802.11b / G / N
Clouds loom B: Rs. 3500
The speed of 36Mbps 9.3Mbps 200 + cities speeds up auto fall back on
At the same time adds up to 10 Wi-Fi devices
5hrs + was used to support a period of extraordinary battery
Micro SD slot functionality through data exchange (32GB to support)
USB Mode and Wi-Fi 802.11b / G / N connection
Puerto de la compatible external antenna
Business Rules:

Prepaid and postpaid packages offer is valid for both.
Cube 5GB in Rs. Both prepaid and postpaid volume reduction available under the 500.
The nature of postpaid count 2 more per month billed monthly bill.
Unlimited Prepaid recharge cubes.

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