The price of Proton Saga has revealed

Arrival of Proton Saga: Rival of Automobile Companies in Pakistan
Arrival of Proton Saga: Rival of Automobile Companies in Pakistan

The price of Proton Saga has revealed. The firm has already started booking for the customers.

The price of Proton’s model 1300cc under b-category sedan Saga, Proton Pakistan has revealed it. Sedan Saga is going to launch in three different variants. These three are Saga AT, Saga MT, and Saga Ace.

Saga basic manual transmission car’s price is 1.97 million rupees. The next, Saga basic automatic transmission has 2.12 million rupees costs. Lastly comes the top of the chain automatic transmission with few added features (Saga Ace) that costs 2.22 million rupees.

Under the same category as Changan Alsvin, Toyota Yaris, and Honda City, , Proton Saga comes. The reason is that, its price tag is below two million rupees for its basic variant. That makes Proton-Saga the cheapest sedan in our country.

At the moment, with its lowest manual variant priced at 2.2 million rupees, Alsvin of Changan is selling one of the cheapest new sedan cars in our country.

Al-Haj, the makers of FAW automobiles in our country has collaborated with Malaysian auto giant Proton for launching the car in Pakistan. According to the company, its annual production capacity is of 25,000 units.

Although, the firm has increased the price of its two upper variants by the 100,000 rupees and 50,000 rupees before the new car come in our country’s roads. After this increasing element, now the premium automatic Lumiere for 2.65 million rupees and the automatic variant has booked for 2.45 million rupees.

This is not enough, Proton Pakistan is also going to sell 100 limited units of Saga R3. The 1332cc in transmissions are both automatic and manual. The price of the manual car is 2.15 million rupees, however, the price of the automatic car is 2.45 million rupees. According to the statement of the company, after a lucky draw, they will sell the cars. In this process, the company will allow the people to book the cars on their website. A lucky draw will be held, after 10 days.

According to the Auto Development Policy of 2016-21. The companies having access to importing 100 units of a car model along with major duty relaxation. Proton Malaysia has also released a limited edition of Saga R3, however, it only produced 2000 units.

According to an auto expert Usman Ansari: web, previously, he took a completely built unit (Malaysia imported CBU) for taking a test run in an auto show. The heavy steering of the car makes him unimpressed.

There are some changes before launching in Pakistan. He said that this car will somehow bit different.

Abdul Wahab, is Businessperson and lived in Malaysia for the last four years. He added that in Malaysia, the car was a regular sight. Furthermore, he said that he also has a Saga car in Malaysia and had a quite satisfactory experience. However, Wahab now having a Toyota Corolla car. Moreover, in the past, he has owned imported used car Mira and Aqua.

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In December, last year, crossover X70 was launched in Pakistan by Proton Pakistan. This X70 is the same vehicle that was gifted to Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan in December 2019, from the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad.

Under the Auto Development Policy of 2016-21, Proton has gotten a green-field status. Owing to this status, a number of new companies like Hyundai, Proton, Kia, MG Motors, Changan, and Sazgar. These firm will pay fewer duties as compared to the companies already operating in Pakistan for instance, Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki.

In June 2021, the ADP 2016-21 policy will end. Besides the models the new companies have introduced are known as new entrants in the vehicle industry. These firms’ vehicle will consider for duty relaxations for the next 5 years period. The important point is that the new entrants may come up with new cars after the given date. However, if they join this game later then they will bring the lesser period for duty relaxation. Furthermore, on this, the government is yet to give more clarity.

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