Pakistan Launched new automated system to block stolen or lost handset

Any Mobile Companies can quite easily put a request with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for blocking IMEI of stolen or lost mobile phones to protect them from misuse.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has already been established a new automated Lost and stolen Device system for blocking lost and snatched handsets.

This system will make sure to a customer who wants to get a mobile phone blocked in case it has been lost or snatched. The Lost and Stolen Device System is an automatized system and combined with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System. After giving all necessary information. The lost or Stolen Handset will be blocked within twenty-four hours. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Users can submit their complaints by Pakistan Telecommunication online Complaint centers.

Let suppose if a stolen or lost mobile phone has been recovered, then the user will have to follow the same methods for unblocking through the Online Complaint center available at Users will receive confirmation SMS on the recorded number once the handset is unblocked, after submitting their complaint.

It is relevant to remark here that lost and snatched handsets can easily be blocked or unblocked through calling the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) toll-free number 0800-25625 or sending an email to It is easy way to approach a solution.

After Launching the new automated system, above mention mediums will not be applicable for blocking or unblocking devices. It stated by PTA.

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