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Proton Saga Price in Pakistan

A subcompact car made by Malaysian carmaker Proton is called the Saga. Since its 1985 debut, it has marked a crucial turning point in Malaysia’s automotive industry. It is one of Proton’s most well-known licence plates, having been produced in over a million pieces over the course of 35 years.

In partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, the first-generation Proton Saga was produced in two variations. It became popular right once and won numerous awards and compliments for both its appearance and functionality. It was produced till 2008 and exported all over the world due to the enormous demand.

The second-generation Proton Saga was introduced in 2008 in three variations, and within two weeks of its introduction, record bookings were made. In 2016, the third-generation Proton Saga was introduced. The vehicle has a 20% stronger body and an enhanced security system with electronic stability control.

In 2019, it underwent a facelift with an improved trim.The Proton Saga was first publicised in Pakistan in collaboration with the Al-Haj Group. The three models of the vehicle are the Proton Saga Standard MT, Proton Saga Standard AT, and Proton Saga Ace.

Proton Saga Price in Pakistan


Proton Saga Standard 1299 cc, Manual, Petrol PKR 2,824,000

Proton Saga Standard 1299 cc, Automatic, Petrol PKR 2,999,000

Proton Saga Ace 1299 cc, Automatic, Petrol PKR 3,149,000

Proton Saga Exterior

The new Proton Saga boasts a curvaceous, attractive appearance with circular design elements. The car’s front end features a front bumper and Proton’s signature “infinite weave grille.” Halogen headlights are standard on all models, while the Ace also has LED daytime running lights (DRLs).

The car stands out from its rivals thanks to its electric side mirrors with LED turn signal lighting. A rear bumper and, on the Ace model, a rear spoiler make up the car’s simple back end. The remote trunk release is yet another feature shared by all Proton Saga editions.

Proton Saga Interior

The new proton Saga has a sizable and comfortable cabin. The steering wheel, which is encased in urethane, has a tilt adjustment option. The Ace model also includes on-wheel controls for your phone and music. Behind the steering wheel is a multi-information LCD integrated metre combination.

All proton Saga vehicles come standard with ECO Drive Assist, electric windows, keyless entry, a 12V power outlet, and a driver’s seat height adjustment. The Ace model offers three USB ports inside the car and a luggage light.

Is Proton Saga a good car?

Proton Saga Offers Excellent Value. The most recent Proton Saga revision offers the finest overall value to date. The X50 or the X70 are not Proton’s most significant vehicles in their lineup. Yes, these vehicles were crucial in changing the company’s fortunes.

Is Proton Saga fuel efficient?

The same 1.3L DOHC VVT engine with 91 HP and a 40-liter fuel tank powers all Saga models. According to Proton Pakistan, the Saga car averages 12 to 14 kilometres per litre of fuel in cities, demonstrating that the powerful engine is fuel-efficient and ideal for city dwellers.

Does Proton Saga have power steering?

Each of the three models has a 40-liter fuel capacity. All have hydraulic power steering, while the front and rear axles are supported by MacPherson struts and torsion beam axles, respectively, with vented disc brakes up front and drum brakes in back.

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