The most important robotic process automation companies

The most important robotic process automation companies

Robotic process automation (RPA) software is used to coordinate the use of one or more robots across a specific process or group of processes. This now includes highly skilled jobs such as product assembly, welding and finishing. In addition, RPA is the glue that combines business processes with organizational workflows and smart procedures automation. RPA also includes bots used for things like chatting and many office productivity functions.

Gartner defines RPA as “software for automating tasks within business and IT processes via scripts that simulate human interaction with an application user interface.” Uses RPA Artificial intelligence on many different levels.

RPA Key Features

RPA is highly variable. Some deal with robots used in cars or manufacturing. Others are involved in adjusting the efforts of chatbots and other elements related to marketing or sales. It is a vast field. However, here are some key features:

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Using digital solutions to unify the workforce and drive change

“By working together between digital and human workers, tired employees are given time to focus on value addition and fulfilling activities,” said Gautam Moorjani, General Manager of Intelligent Automation Solutions at SS&C Blue Prism. “RPA bridges gaps across the organization, connecting work at every step and level, to align all work with required business outcomes.

RPA and AI

AI is making its way into more and more RPA systems. Morgani added that pairing advanced RPA technology with AI allows for scalability and some decision-making capabilities within business process automation.

Bots and more robots

The 2021 Global Robotics Report shows that the global number of robots per 10,000 employees increased from 66 to 126 between 2015 and 2020, according to Alexander Technologies. North American companies purchased 11,595 robots in the first quarter of 2022. This record amounted to $646 million.

Automation as a strategic imperative

Ted Kommert, executive vice president of product and engineering at UiPath, sees C-suite leaders in innovative companies around the world view automation as a strategic imperative.

“In the same way that computers, mobile devices, and cloud computing have accelerated new business opportunities, automation is accelerating business processes, creating faster pathways to innovation and changing the way we work,” Commert said. “Automation is no longer a ‘cool thing’ – it’s a critical component of modern business.”

The democratization of automation to compensate for the talent shortage

UiPath Research shows that workers around the world feel that much of their workday has been eaten up by tasks that can be automated. 91% of survey respondents believe that automation can improve their job performance by saving time (52%), increasing productivity (46%), and creating opportunities to focus on more important work (45%).

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Best Robotic Process Automation Platforms

eWeek has evaluated several RPA suppliers. Here are our top picks, in no particular order.

UiPath Business Automation Platform

The UiPath Business Automation Platform Offers end-to-end automation that combines RPA technology with a range of capabilities to scale digital business processes. It can quickly automate processes using AI drag-and-drop technology and ready-to-use templates.

The main dividers

  • Artificial intelligence is integrated across the platform.
  • UiPath’s business automation platform has the potential to scale.
  • The company offers a series of RPA solutions that uncover automation opportunities including automation centerAnd the TaskCapture, mining process and mining mission.
  • There is a solution for automated application testing, automation and quality assurance known as UiPath test suite.
  • UiPath Business Automation Platform is an integrated, low-code platform that targets multiple people in the process automation lifecycle, such as IT, business managers, and developers.
  • The application builder interfaces with cloud and on-premises applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and legacy systems.
  • The UiPath Business Automation Platform includes more than 200 off-the-shelf components.

blue prism

The SS & C . blue prism The intelligent automation platform combines RPA, AI, Business Process Management (BPM), and machine learning (ML) to help organizations achieve business goals. The company offers support from automation professionals, pre-built automation, training and certification. Targets large enterprise clients across various sectors with industry-specific offerings.

The main dividers

  • Blue Prism Decision creates machine learning-based processes that can be interpreted in hours instead of days.
  • Blue Prism Process Intelligence provides a comprehensive solution for process mining, task automation and end-to-end monitoring.
  • Blue Prism Decipher provides intelligent document processing integration driven by artificial intelligence.
  • Blue Prism Interact is a scalable, real-time digital collaboration platform designed to handle complex processes that require either manual start-up or collaboration between human and digital workers.
  • Blue Prism offers a Business Process Management suite that includes digital process automation, case management, multi-channel interactions, and operational analytics.
  • UX Builder helps companies reduce application development time.
  • Email AI defines the purpose of email content, detects urgent and value-based emails, extracts relevant information, and helps agents quickly answer customer questions.

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360 . automation

360 . automation By Automation Anywhere is a cloud-native smart automation platform that organizations use to automate processes with minimal infrastructure. Moreover, I just released a file Automation Success Platform It is said to accelerate business transformation by making automation more accessible.

The main dividers

  • Automation 360 enables employees to interact with bots while working on their favorite applications.
  • With the acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation Anywhere launched a process discovery process to map and uncover automation opportunities for the highest return on investment (ROI).
  • Document automation extracts data from documents and transfers it to any application.
  • Offers are available for Large companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs).
  • Automation 360 combines business process automation with RPA technology and delivers it via the public cloud.
  • The computer vision function AISense is built on Google’s TensorFlow for increased accuracy.
  • Its low-code features make it easy to create mobile and web applications to deploy and run bots.
  • The platform is cloud-native with no on-premises offerings.
  • Automation 360 uses microservices bundled in Kubernetes containers in the cloud.

Energy Automation by Microsoft

Energy Automation by Microsoft Enables people to create automated processes through flows in Power Automate. This is another set of low-code RPA tools that provides drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors that automate repetitive tasks. This product is especially suitable for those who have already purchased in the Azure platform, whether they are large organizations or small and medium-sized businesses.

The main dividers

  • Power Automate offers deep integration with Azure, Power BI, and other Microsoft tools.
  • Power Automate enables anyone to create automated processes using low-code drag and drop tools.
  • Power Automate provides hundreds of pre-created connectors, thousands of templates, and AI assistance to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Power Automate provides guided recommendations for creating streams.
  • RPA technology with API coordination integrates multiple logging systems to automate routine data copy work.
  • Power Automate provides a vast automation experience with over 16 million deployed robots driving nearly 2 billion actions daily.
  • AI Builder handles forms using document automation, process approvals, image and text discovery or by creating them using pre-made models.
  • Automation capabilities can be used across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Nice RPA

Nice RPA’s The bots are installed on back-end servers, with the ability to take over all recurring admin-led processes. A variety of tasks can be performed independently without human intervention.

The main dividers

  • Nice RPA technology enables companies to handle more complex business processes with built-in OCR (optical character reader) and the built-in integration of multiple AI solutions.
  • Nice RPA offers hundreds of ready-made application connectors.
  • A built-in drag-and-drop design studio is available for creating visual workflow presentations.
  • Web-based centralized bot management oversees livelihoods and resource allocation to provide real-time visibility and control.

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work integration

work integration It takes a no-code/low-code approach using drag-and-drop building blocks, pre-made steps, and workflows to make core operations ready for integration. It is aimed at those who lack RPA development and integration experience in the large enterprise market in North America.

The main dividers

  • The digital workforce powered by artificial intelligence is constantly learning and improving with every task and interaction.
  • Strategic alliance with Google Cloud.
  • Ability to design automation and robotic process technology for banking, finance and insurance.
  • Particularly strong in the AI/machine learning aspect with pre-packaged and pre-selected ML models geared towards RPA use cases such as loan processing, account creation and claim receiving.
  • Includes AutoML features and RPA components for financial use cases.
  • Compare automation results with industry standards for specific sectors.
  • Automates heavy document processes with document intelligence.
  • Recognizes signatures, handwriting, logos, check marks, and other elements in unstructured documents.

Appian RPA

Appian RPA It is all about building robots quickly. Users can aAutomate any overall process without writing a single line of code. It is especially useful for automating files Manual and repetitive tasks, either on their own or as part of an overall comprehensive business process.

The main dividers

  • Appian RPA allows users to build high-performance, flexible automation processes that require less maintenance.
  • Appian RPA automates quickly with low-code, drag-and-drop visual RPA technology that professional citizens and developers can use to scale process automation.
  • Users can publish Appian bots on the Appian Cloud.
  • Appian RPA is available for Windows, Linux, Citrix, and Mac.
  • Appian RPA enables users to organize their data, systems, web services, and artificial intelligence without the need for complex coding.


IBM’s Robotic Process Automation It automates business and IT processes on a large scale. It harnesses bots to work on AI insights to complete tasks without delay and enable digital transformation.

The main dividers

  • Full-featured RPA capabilities can be delivered either as a service in the cloud or on premises.
  • IBM RPA can be purchased standalone or as a component of IBM’s Cloud Paks for Automation, which integrates tightly with many other IBM Cloud offerings.
  • Businesses can benefit from a large IBM partner ecosystem with pre-integrated tools designed for the IBM platform.
  • Those who need AI-driven robot assistants who interact with end users will find IBM’s tools among the best on the market. This includes capturing work interactions, tasks a person takes to process a command, and running them back with a bot.
  • IBM RPA is closely integrated with Automation Anywhere within the IBM Digital Business Automation platform. This further automates tasks by adding workflow, data and content capture, and decision automation to bots.
  • Users can create bots faster using hundreds of pre-created commands.


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