joined the Green Software Foundation side by side joined the Green Software Foundation side by side

SAN JOSE, CA, Oct 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Roost.aiToday, the leader in temporary environments for release pipelines, announced that it has become a member of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) to help as a sustainable DevOps platform provider.

“Our members add incredible knowledge and experience to working groups and open source projects. We are delighted to welcome to the Green Software Foundation and look forward to their contributions and support for their commitment to reducing carbon emissions through software,” said Asim Hussain, President of the Green Software Foundation.

Roost is honored to be a member of GSF along with the founding members, Accenture, GitHub, Microsoft, ThoughtWorks, Goldman Sachs and nonprofit organizations, including Leaders for Climate Action, Watt Time, and The Green Web Foundation

“Roost takes a 3D approach to improving the effectiveness of DevOps pipelines: what constitutes an environment, how long they need to run and when they need to be up and running. Roost’s carbon-conscious customers benefit not only from the most cost-effective time off, said Rishi Yadav, Roost CEO. ai and co-founder: “But also the most carbon efficient time to run apps.”

Roost’s ephemeral environments are aware of carbon by nature, and only have a lifespan for as long as they need helps customers reduce their application carbon footprint by measuring and reducing Program Carbon Intensity (SCI). The SCI technical specification describes a methodology for calculating the average carbon emissions of a software system. The SCI specification was developed by Green Software Foundation (GSF).

“Roost creates and manages ephemeral environments in a more carbon-conscious manner. It indicates when these environments should be created to become carbon efficient. It creates them on demand and destroys them when they are not needed. Customers do not have to worry about managing these environments or their carbon footprint,” said Sudhir Jangir, chief technology officer and co-founder.

About the Green Software Foundation
The Green Software Foundation is a non-profit organization created under the Linux Foundation whose mission is to create an ecosystem of trusted people, standards, tools, and best practices for building green software. Members of the Green Software Foundation represent a balanced mix of for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and academia from around the world and include a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. The Foundation operates by consensus. Four working groups – Standards, Brands, Innovation, and Society – currently oversee the organization’s ongoing projects.

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About provides ephemeral, carbon-aware environments on demand to replace established, common QA/Staging environments. Each environment is created specifically for the change/pull request and only lasts for the duration of its functional use. It provides a trio of benefits: Creating an environment that is customized for each change, where the environment is only alive for the duration of its functional use and operates in a carbon-sensitive manner to reduce the program’s carbon footprint.

For more information, please visit the website Roast.

Contact Information:
Kristen Carriage
Vice President of Marketing
(408) 219 3171

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Picture 1: for DevOps combines rapid development, testing, and automation in one DevOps tool. Create an ephemeral environment that replicates the product for each change. Never worry about the difference between dev, CI and prod again.

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