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Pakistan Army inducts first batch of VT-4 battle tanks

As per the military’s media affairs wing, The Pakistan Army has admitted to the first batch of the modern VT-4 battle tanks.

In a statement declared on Wednesday, the Inter-Services Public Relations stated that Lt Gen Shaheen Mazher Mehmood Commander Mangla Corps inspected the Armoured Division and examined the first batch of VT-4 tanks.

The statement said, Rashid Mahmood Major General guided the commander about in progress post-shipment exploration of the first batch of tanks.

Lt Gen Mehmood also observed the portability and transportability test of the tanks and acknowledged the efforts managed for the smooth supervise of the induction process.

Manufactured by Chinese state-owned protected vehicle maker, Norinco, the dispatch of VT-4 tanks from the manufacturer started in April last year.

Pakistan is the third state to have purchased these tanks from China after Nigeria and Thailand.

Last year in September, the Pakistan Army had embraced a confirmation of the tank at the Tilla field firing ranges near Jhelum following its adaption into the Armoured Corps. The confirmation was endorsed by Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.

In a statement at the time, the Inter-Services Public Relations had stated the tank would be retained in an aggressive role by strike formations after installation.

“The VT-4 is unanimous with any latest tank in the world unifying developed Armour security, portability, firepower potentiality and modern technology,” the statement had declared.


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