Step By Step Guide on How to Apply and Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan

driving license lahore

With the support Driving License Lahore Issuance Management System initiated by the Pakistan Information Technology Board. You can simply renew and apply for your driving license in Lahore through an online medium.

This system gives quick refining service to the masses and up-to-date figures to the officials by utilizing modern technology and gadgets. The system renews the issuance process of all sorts of licenses by utilizing a streamlined network.

Applying for a driving license in Lahore in Pakistan always detected as a bit unnecessary and boring for most people. Now with the departure and allocation of an online application system for the issuance of driving license Lahore, things look a bit easier and more alleviating.

With the support of the Pakistan Information Technology Board, now you can request a driving license in Lahore through the digital system Driving License Issuance Management System. Through Driving License Issuance Management Systemthe process of driver license Lahore issuance has been extended out to thirty-six districts across Punjab.

Let take a study at the application method for the application of a Driving License Lahore are:

  • Login to the Driving License Issuance Management System Website.
  • Download the needed form in the download portions.
  • Fill up the form
  • Submit the recommended documents to the nearest licensing center.
  • Pass the starting academic test after a licensing period of Forty-two days.
  • Take the driving test.

Driving License Online Applying Website in Pakistan

However, it is an important note to take a look at the documents compulsory for the renewal of a driving license in Lahore.

A compulsory note to describe here is that if you wish to resume your license, you acquire not provide the theoretical and driving test, all you want is to put forward the needed documents to the licensing center in person.

Required Documents

  • The application form Driving license download form revealed on a cover.
  • two Passport-sized Pictures
  • Two copies of your ID Card
  • Fee ticket as described in License Document
  • Medical reports
  • Ticket of the relevant license
  • Your original driving license

All licenses are resumed for a period of five years, below are the different issuance fees for different vehicles:

Driving License Fees in Pakistan

Another important entry to describe here is the fact that the resumption of a license does not charge anything if resumed within a month if the license is resumed in a period of one to three months, a fifty percent fine will be imposed and if the renewal happens within three months to one year, a fine of hundred percent will be charged.

Why you should have a Driving License?

A driving license conserves you from a lot of difficulties that otherwise will devastate your days, months, or years. It is a type of authentication that secured that you have the specific skills to run a vehicle. You acquire to be educated enough to obtain it.

Hence incidentally, it makes sure your safety and other’s public safety on the road. In case of any regrettable accident. It assists to check you and support you in legal processes as well. Otherwise, you can obtain into deep trouble and extra imposed being charged on you by the Government.

Confirm your license Renewal details online

Let’s get launched on an online driving license form download renewal Lahore, Rawalpindi. Furthermore, anyone can visit to see an online license check by the given procedure below.

All you acquire to have is a computer and internet connection to begin the process.

  • Log into or easily copy-paste this link in your webpage search engine.
  • On the prominent page in the upper right corner, you will observe the options of Licensing centers, License information, Downloads, About PITB, etc.

It will come down to you on the main page of the driving license renewal Lahore online website.

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