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Why God of War and Assassin’s Creed turned into a ‘horrific and violent’ legend

“Ragnarok defines the Norse mythical universe as having not only a beginning, but an end,” says Dr. Jackson Crawford, a scholar of Old Norse, explaining why the story appears in so many games. “All meaningful time for the living will come to an end, and the end will be horrific and violent.”

According to Viking storytellers, when the end of time comes, the stars will disappear from the sky, the earth will be swallowed up by floods, and the sky will burn. After the world withers from an always harsh winter, giants will invade the kingdom of Asgard while human civilization is plunged into chaos. Odin will be swallowed up by the wolf Fenrir, while Thor and the world serpent Jörmungander end each other’s lives in battle. His devastation is total, not only the height of creation but his final resting place.


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