TelecomEverything You Need to Know About PTA Mobile Registration

Everything You Need to Know About PTA Mobile Registration

  • Different choices will show on your screen, enter 1 for the PTA mobile registration check.
  • You will be requested about the citizenship, enter 1 if you are a Pakistani citizen and enter 2 if you are overseas.
  • Put CNIC number and mobile IMEI, to finalize this registration process.

If you are utilizing a mobile phone which is not enrolled with PTA Mobile registration then your mobile will be closed. This article is regarding How to approve Mobile in PTA Mobile Registration check, although ensure you peruse the full conduct and follow the steps below.

PTA has previously informed people to approve their mobile with a PTA Mobile Registration check. If you enroll register your mobile in PTA, you will not get messages from PTA to disclose your mobile and your mobile does not gain closed.

PTA initiated this registration of mobiles so they can maintain the route of the mobile gadgets. Most of the mobile gadgets in Pakistan are imported. So to maintain track of these mobiles and avert the smuggling of mobile phones in Pakistan, PTA initiated this registration of mobiles.

If you purchase a new mobile from the shop, you should purchase the one which has a PTA registration endorsed stamp on its box.

PTA permits the registration of one device free of cost if you are recovering to Pakistan from overseas. However, you have more than one then you have to enroll the other mobile devices. You want to reimburse relevant tax for the device if you like to avail of that mobile device in Pakistan for more than sixty days. In this blog, we will discuss how to register PTA Mobile registration.

What is PTA?

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the regulatory body that directs and observes the telecommunication mechanism in Pakistan.

What is DIRBS?

DIRBS is all about IT and stands for “Device Identification,” Registration and Blocking System. PTA launched this mobile registration system to keep track of all mobiles in 2018. It is a mobile device ecosystem launched by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to make sure that only legal gadgets are utilized over mobile networks in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority introduced DIRBS for device identification and blocking sneaked mobile phones.

To check your mobile registration

You can identify if your mobile phone is entered in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority registration or not by redirecting a message on 8484. Enter your mobile IMEI in the message and dispatch it to 8484. You will get a message from the PTA registration online to check that your device is registered or not.

To confirm your mobile phone IMEI then dial *#06# from your mobile phone. However, you have a double SIM mobile phone then your mobile phone will have two, unlike IMEI numbers. You will get a fifteen-digit IMEI number, When you dial *#06# from your mobile phoneYou can get the IMEI number in mobile phone settings as well.

You can verify the status of the gadget on as well. After redirecting your mobile device IMEI on 8484 code you will get the following message.

When you convey the message to 8484 you will get one of the upcoming messages.

  • The gadget IMEI is compliant (PTA mobile registration) which shows it is accepted by PTA and you can avail all network services.
  • The mobile phone IMEI is non-compliant but you can still utilize network services. If your device is non-compliant then redirect an SMS or connect a call to enter your device.
  • The mobile phone IMEI is restricted which indicates your mobile device is sealed and you cannot utilize it in Pakistan. To avail of it, you have to give the taxes.

After acquiring a blocked IMEI message from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority then you have to approve your mobile device to utilize it. You can approve your mobile phone via different methods and we will describe the registration techniques in this article.

Resister Mobile Phone through USSD.

To approve by dialing *8484#, follow these suitable measures:

  1. Enter this code *8484# on your mobile phone.
  2. You will observe various options when you enter this code *8484#. Write 1 to approve your mobile device.
  3. Now respond with 1, if you are a Pakistani national, and press with 2 if you are an overseas Pakistani.
  4. Again enter with 1 if it is your first mobile phone. Your first mobile phone will approve free of cost.
  5. Now you have to put your passport number and CNIC.
  6. Now enter the number of SIM slots your mobile phone has.
  7. Put your IMEI number and if you have two SIMs then put both IMEI numbers.
  8. Respond with 1 to proper this enrolment request. Your query will be registered in PTA Mobile Registration.

You will get a confirmation message from 8484 if all the stuff you have given is correct. If your credentials are wrong then you want to perform the above-illustrated steps again.

Register Mobile Phone through DIRBS

To approve through Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking Systemperuse the following steps.

  • Go to your browser and write to disclose the Device Registration Portal.
  • You like to create a new account. Click on Sign Up if you do not have an account.
  • After confirming on Sign Up, you will get a form. Put all the details needed to complete the form.
  • First, choose the reason and consumer type.
  • In purpose, you will choose personal/
  • Enter all information’s your email, passport number, phone number and your address to complete the signup method
  • You will obtain an email with an affirmation link. Individual for tablet PCsand in consumer type, you will elect local or foreigner. Visit it to verify your account.
  • Now log in to your account.
  • After logging in, you will get a notification window and on the left side, you will observe individual COC Go on enroll for COC.
  • Now put your mobile phone IMEI number and your contact number.
  • You will get a text from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority if you have to give the tax for your mobile device or not.
  • To follow the status of the implementation, visit my Application.

You can approve a mobile phone through a PTA mobile registration check and Cellular mobile operator’s assistance centers. If you are seeing Pakistan just for a month then you should approve your mobile phone here but if you are moving to maintain for more than sixty days then you have to approve your mobile phone. After sixty days you would not be enabled to utilize your mobile phone in Pakistan.


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