Pakistan Telecommunication Authority: payment in rupee instead of dollars

PTA asks FBR to halt import of GSM amplifiers, boosters

In the alternate for dollars, Pakistan telecommunication Authority has contradictory the payment of the fee in rupee in order to renew the license.

Companies whose license has expired in 2019 reached the court to renew their licenses. They demanded that the administration is charging the fee in the local currency rather than in dollars.

An administration team was established in the past year to speak about the serious problems fronting the cellular trade in a proposal to encourage digital media.  

The committee with the stakeholders held discussions. Debates were made in order for biometric confirmations and argument determination.


The ECC is looking to the current instantaneous that has been sent by the Ministry of Information and Technology. As heard by the news PTA and Finance Division disagree with the collection of fees in rupee instead of dollars. Equally set by PTA 900 MHz for $39.5 million and at 1800 MHz about $29.5 million. Every company adds about $450 million to spectrum price.


Ufone renewed its license in 2014 for $291 million. A pair of competitors took this matter to the court appealing that they shall also be given a chance. Meeting regarding spectrum prices Later a meeting was called to debate upon the spectrum prices regarding the renewal of the license of these companies. During a meeting held on April 1, 2019, FAB told Imran Khan that renewal of licenses shall be static for fetching $1.3billion. In an inquiry by the PM, he asked for the renewal by public sale FAB workers replied it can only be possible if the license holders were downcast 3 years early. The public sale can only be held if the license is due in 2022. For speeding up the task, composition of a ministerial committee was made by the PM to oversee it. Pakistan has insulated behind the whole world in conveying the mobile spectrum.


Near to Pakistan, only Nepal is reported with a low mobile spectrum. Pakistan has been auctioned with a spectrum of about 647 MHz


By increasing the spectrum, the companies will have to lower the prices and spread the mobile spectrum to the areas where it is unserved.


The administrators say that spectrum is useless until the organization invests in organization and technology to organize it.


A company can only invest when it is able to return the invested money with an appropriate risk

The government had in advance permitted a policy for the sale of the continuum. However, trade analysts suggest the implementation of an approach that has been launched recently with specific timelines.

An efficient variety roadmap will support assets in the telecom industry, deliver socio-economic profit and take advantage of income for the administration.

In some markets, the regulators have opted for the “drip-feeding” plan for the obtainable range in an attempt to make synthetic shortage and raise administration profits.


Nonetheless, such a tactic imposes much outlay on the people and financial system of a country and may finally cause lower general returns for the supervision.



Most important countries issue a scaling roadmap that covers an advanced point horizon of three to five years.

Hong Kong publishes a three-year plan while Canada and Australia show five-year plans.


A roadmap will carry major profit to Pakistan’s telecom industry and the clients they give out, which will then assist the government to understand its idea of Digital Pakistan.

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