How to Buy Bitcoin Pakistan
  • Come to Domestic bitcoins official website and make a free account on it.
  • Observe the buyers who are trading BTC in Pakistan, just view for the dealers with good response.
  • Go to the bitcoins you like to purchase and proceed with the money in his or her domestic bank account.
  • After accepting the payment, the buyer will reveal the bitcoins.

Now, everyone speaks about financing in cryptocurrency and how funding in crypto will become rich in days. The thing is people do not understand that digital currencies accomplished many ups and downs in the last few years. Furthermore, financing in crypto is not clear as well. If you desire to know how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? Ensure that you read the complete blog. We have all sorts of information that you might want.

One digital currency which met crazy variation in value in the last few years is Bitcoin. Although, we will study these variations in the price of Bitcoin later in the article.

A large number of people in Pakistan want to know about Bitcoin and how they can purchase it. First, people want to know how to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. Second, they explore different digital currencies wallets. Third, and most significantly they search about how they can deal Bitcoins in Pakistan.

These are some of the questions that people want to know and there are not any specific answers to these questions present on the internet.

However, we will go on to answer all these questions and will also endeavor to direct you about the safer ways to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. In this blog, we will also attempt to provide all the necessary information about blockchain. However, first, we will explore what cryptocurrency is and which cryptocurrency you can purchase.


A  virtual currency that is secured by cryptography is known as cryptocurrency. Due to this cryptography, no one can remember cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies are allocated networks that are founded on Blockchain technology. The important thing about cryptocurrency is that it is not regulated by any central bank or authority which drives its resistance to government intervention.

Types of Cryptocurrency

There are many types of cryptocurrencies present in the world right now. Although, Bitcoin is still the most important digital currency worldwide. All these digital currencies have various conditions and operations.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Ripple

These are some of the famous cryptocurrencies present in the world.


When we explained cryptocurrencyWe told it is established on blockchain technology and you all are thinking about what blockchain is? Do not confuse we will describe blockchain too.

Blockchain is a developing list of documentations is known as blocks that are associated with utilizing cryptography. It is the type of digital ledger which reserves the information of the deal between two parties. Blockchain is a well-organized and registered system. Furthermore, it does not permit to adjustment of data. In other words, it is an open and issued digital ledger which you cannot change.

As we described above there are a few other cryptocurrencies present in the world but Bitcoin is the most significant and valuable to people all around the world. So we will target only Bitcoin. Here are some of the things you should understand before skipping to the techniques of buying Bitcoin in Pakistan.


As we have described all the information regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain, now we will explain the main thing for which you all are present here for “Bitcoin price in Pakistan”.

Bitcoin is one of the first and most important cryptocurrencies in the world right now. In 2017, Bitcoin undergo skyrocketing price growth. Nowadays, one Bitcoin price in Pakistan is almost equal to 1,446,470.09 PKR. There are various wallet applications you can utilize to reserve Bitcoins. A large number of people in Pakistan have a concern in Bitcoin only so we will discuss the different procedures to purchase Bitcoin and how much risk is required in it.

Is it Legal to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan?

State Bank of Pakistan prohibited all cryptocurrencies In April 2018. They instructed all banks and monetary service suppliers to stop all deals of cryptocurrency. So it is not legalized to buy Bitcoins in Pakistan but still, people are financing in Bitcoin. Although, financing in Bitcoin is not secure and you can capture it if you are dealing Bitcoin in Pakistan.

After the prohibition on cryptocurrency, there is no official exchange channel in Pakistan and people are executing much of the Bitcoin trading through cash. So if you are investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Pakistan then there is a risk Federal Investigating Agency will arrest you. Therefore, imagine this risk before purchasing or selling Bitcoin in Pakistan.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

There is only one trading that is operating in Pakistan and people can utilize it to sell or buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. is the only place where you can sell and purchase Bitcoins in Pakistan. To finance Bitcoins utilizing you want to make an account on their website. Here we will give the step-by-step guidance for purchase in Bitcoin in Pakistan.

  • Go to the Localbitcoins website and click on sign up.
  • After that, you want to give an email address and password to generate a new account.
  • For the large deal, you acquire to provide a scanned copy of your CNIC. If you are not going to create large deals then you do not require to upload them.
  • After making an account, click on sell or buy Bitcoins.
  • After that, you will search a list of Bitcoin traders. They are buying Bitcoins and you should move for the trader that has a good response.
  • Now click on purchase and understand all terms and conditions
  • After knowing, but the number of Bitcoins you wish to purchase from the seller.
  • Now the seller will proceed you the details of the domestic transaction on which you have to dispatch the domestic currency.
  • After that, the seller will issue the bitcoins. Note that you want to forward money in an hour to the seller. If you do not then the seller might dismiss the trade.
  • You will obtain Bitcoins in your wallet.

You can buy or sell Bitcoins as well, just approach on-sell Bitcoins Pakistan and sell to the dealer who is giving the highest amount.


A large number of people in Pakistan are financing Bitcoins through cash because of the disallow on it. There was another Bitcoin financing portfolio urdubit but now they are not investing Bitcoins in Pakistan. It was the first Bitcoin financing set up in Pakistan. Another method to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan is face to face. You perform a transaction with a person face to face and via versa, you provide him or her transaction in local currency.

Overall, the investing of Bitcoin is still working in Pakistan. Furthermore, people are still financing in it after understanding the risks contained in Bitcoin trading. If you like to purchase or sell Bitcoin Pakistan then you should maintain the repercussions of it. We tried to describe all things associated with Bitcoin and we hope all your questions about Bitcoin are provided in this article.

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