Pakistani smart farming solutions provider raised seed funding from BRINC MENA

Pakistani smart farming solutions provider raised seed funding from BRINC MENA

Radical Growth Solutions provides the smart solutions for farming-raising seed funds from BRINC MENA, edibles and Agricultural technology journey capital and Pioneer Corporation.

Introduced BRINC MENA’s hardware

Nabeel Yousaf and Priya Osanna Smith introduced BRINC MENA’s hardware and IoT acceleration program in 2017; which creates usage of hardware, software and mobile apps convenient.

This technology helps the farmers to reduce operational costs by moving from guess work to exact amount that a plant needs, which increases crop production.

Radical Growth Solutions has been providing assistance since its formation. It attached to Jordan HASAD agriculture and technology accelerator in 2019 and later on BRINC hardware and IoT acceleration plan in 2020.

Value is increasing day by day

Nabeel Yousaf said that our value is increasing day by day as we are joined with both accelerators. They are helping us to better our ideas and make more progress, in order not to fall due to the absence of proper support.

The startup aims to bring the fresh capital in use in order to bring about advancements in the product leading towards the development. This will, in turn, be rolling out the first generation of their IoT, i.e., internet of things based intelligent system.

Moreover, a marketing campaign will also be launched which will lead on to raise awareness regarding the benefits of the digital transformation in the agriculture.

Investment Manager

Farah Hijjawi, Investment Manager HASSAD has arisen their opinion as well, he said that the Radical Growth can consider as an innovative solution, which improves the lives of the farmers through increasing the growth and reducing costs. There is no doubt that the company will be a game-changer in the agricultural space and will lead the change necessary in introducing tech-solutions and digitizing the sector, especially at the farmers’ level.

She went ahead and stated that the alliances will the company is building along with the fresh funds it received will help boost its system development, and will accelerate its commercialization and go-to-market plans.

Associate Program Manager

Fatima Tammam, Associate Program Manager of BRINC MENA has given her statement regarding it as well. She says that the Innovation has always been the protagonist of the great revolutions in the agricultural field. Moreover, it has a vital role for maintaining food security worldwide.

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