Addition of Airbags Will Increase in the Price of cars: Toyota IMC CEO

Addition of Airbags Will Increase in the Price of cars: Toyota IMC CEO

People have started complaining about the low quality being used in automobiles and most of the imported cars have repaired airbags while brands of Suzuki Swift and Honda City is deficient with those.

Court has ordered the Engineering departments

Keeping in view the situation court has ordered the Engineering departments. It is to ensure the presence of airbags in every car. Not standing with the directions provided by the government of the country. Some of the brands are selling cars still without airbags and this is increasing rate risks of harmful accidents

The CEO of the Toyota

A sunrise show had requested the CEO of the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) and Chairman of the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA), Ali Asghar Jamali, as a guest, and questioned him with frequent hard-hitting interrogations that are repeatedly inquired by car purchasers.

Jamali replied reporting about Toyota IMC’s whole projects are lined up with airbags while 80 percent in Atlas Honda adding Pak Suzuki Motor Company with 50 percent presence of airbags.

Question’s Reply

In a question asked by the host regarding prices about the cars that costs less than 1.5 million, he told that some of the cars of 800 cc and under 800cc do not have airbags. While the cars that are all above 2 million have airbags by mentioning Suzuki Swift as an example.

Suzuki Swift and Honda City

The fact is that Suzuki Swift and Honda City both brands costs cars more than 2 million and lack the presence of airbags as a fact both of the two are two generations old cars and are being sold by saying them brand new without having any advancements from past 10 years but still these old models have an increase in prices from about 70 to 90 percent.

How airbags work?

On the question regarding the working of airbags, Jamali clarified that the location of the front located airbags in bumpers and might have an anterior crash and that is mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Jamali mentioned that channels only report about the failed cases in which airbags do not work while there are hundreds of cases in which the bags are working properly they’re only misguiding the public with wrong opinions.

He also cleared the fact all these car systems are traded in and the local carmakers shall not be blamed for not the proper working of airbags as all of the stuff is of the same quality.

Jamali explained about the law for the installation of airbags that this is only for the Pakistani legislation and no carmaker is bound to put airbags that are the reason why most of the carmakers don’t put airbags in cars.

Jamali said that installing airbags in every car will raise their price and it is difficult to put airbags in all vehicles in such a short period. As the airbags are brought from abroad, so time is required for the manufacturers to mark the change.

The low quality and increased prices

Maximum carmakers together with a brand like Toyota IMC; Atlas Honda have increased the car prices without improvisations to the cars. Toyota IMC has not publicized the new Yaris previous year but still, the price has increased.

Jamali has an oblique increase in prices by the insertion of airbags and he mentioned that it is not possible in such a short time.

This thing does not sound well for the native carmakers as people are already complaining about the low quality and increased prices.

Concluding; paradoxically, it seems that PAMA has no interest in listening to the needs of people and the advancement of the automobile industry.

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