Payoneer & Enablers Joined Hands to Strengthen Digital Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

For strengthening the digital ecosystem Payoneer and the enablers have joined their hands. This was happened in Lahore, 19th Feb 2020, during the ceremony. The top leaderships connected from sides joined the meeting.

Payoneer is a platform:

Basically, the Payoneer is a platform that is well-known for its cross border payment transformation: business or freelancing. It is working in over 200 countries worldwide for streamlining global commerce for more than millions of small business and market-places. Payoneer delivers quite good service for cross border payments through its banking infrastructure. Furthermore, with the help of compliance, operations and robust technology, it is making cross border transfer easy and secure.


About Pakistan

If we talk about Pakistan, then it is truly a blessing because it is one of the few platforms that is allowing cross border payment transaction. So it is acting as a source of relief for the online seller and freelancer of Pakistan. According to the report of Payoneer, that Pakistan is ranking 8th number as fastest growing freelancing economy worldwide. The reason is the abundant opportunities.

Online sellers and freelancers

For online sellers and freelancers, Cross-border payments remain one of the most prominent pain factors. To the eliminating this aspect, Payoneer is collaborating with the enablers, so that this pain point can alleviate. Moreover, could make the make cross-border payment as easy as a local payments procedure.

Cross border payments

Keeping in view the extensive need of the freelancers: cross border payments. The Enablers come forward and shake the hands with Payoneer for making easy cross border payments.

The Country Manager of Pakistan, Mohsin Muzaffer also talk about how Payoneer intend it to go ahead; shared a summary of the collaboration. He said that it is pleasing thing to know that such grand initiatives, the companies are taking in Pakistan. Furthermore, he thanked the enablers for making cross border payment easy and secure. He said that if the Payoneer and the enablers are going to work closing then it will definitely help the digital ecosystem in Pakistan. 

Moreover, the Payoneer’s Partnerships Manager, Affaf Noor also shared the same remarks and said that it is exciting thing to join the hands with the enablers. It will definitely improve the cross border e-commerce payment transaction. In addition, she also shows interest in working closing in future. So that they could develop the digital ecosystem in Pakistan.

Why The enablers are shaking the hands with the Payoneer:

The enablers are shaking the hands with the Payoneer taking goal that they will engage2 Million freelancer or employment opportunity. However, talking to Saqib Azhar, the CEO of Enablers, there discussed some visionary insights as well regarding this step.

That we all are working on it that country becomes the hub of freelancing and e-commerce working. So in this aspect, working with Payoneer will result in easy payment transfer rather than any disturbance. Lastly, he added that we putting effort into providing such services that can enthusiasts in every possible manner that could result in a bright future.

Last but not the least, Faisal Azhar added, COO Enablers said that it will surely result in digitalizing Pakistan as one of the biggest and well known e-commerce markets worldwide.


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