Microsoft Forum Ilumina financial leaders in Karachi

The detailed sequence of events in the series, Microsoft, in collaboration with the Institute of Bankers Pakistan in Karachi finance executives a “Forum Big Data” arranged. explores new ways spectacular growth in the financial sector.

Support it and to provide the financial industry with groundbreaking technology initiatives, was a major Microsoft Pakistan. He helped to analyze specific industry scenarios where technologies like Big Data, etc. Insight HD, ML Azure, Azure Power Analytics, companies have made large profits.

Microsoft Pakistan lead the company in the country – Mr. Abid Zaidi said, “The Pakistan leaders in the corporate finance and other professional fields of powerful new technologies, data analytics business, which are essential for the competitiveness of the right decisions these professionals would like to thank. ”

During the sessions, industry and financial Pakistan were the heads of the heads of corporate finance; how mobile devices and social computing in an explosion in data and cloud connectivity to allow more innovation are causing.

Operations Director of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) – Mr. Faisal Hussain declared, “In addition to focusing on technology, Microsoft is constantly training to companies worldwide. We will move forward and rapidly changing business environment to compete in the challenge to encourage us are fortunate to have a global technology leader, cleverly using the forefront of technology. as financial professionals, we plan, identify opportunities, controlling risks review and, finding new revenue models, sources of income to the use of large amounts of data have a clear view on the investment or portfolio management costs.

Speakers financial leaders, information technology (IT) are driving business results through smart use of many examples of how shared. Powerful new data, Microsoft Technologies, align their corporate strategy between management and IT professionals through collaborative efforts to nurture a culture of creative thinking and innovation in companies that are facilitated.

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