In December 2013, two industry giants online job personality, Elance and oDesk announced they merge. 2020 by the Association it is expected to touch $ 46 billion, which is an independent industry initiative, the establishment was seen as an important step.

A large part of the market, the Pakistanis Elance and oDesk years has shown his talent. Recently, Elance’s, oDesk, the report demonstrated the potential of the country in an online environment, online freelancers contribute to dev work Pakistanis some great facts about the impact of the Annual Report 2014. Published by cooperation and competition.

According to the report, a total of 180 countries, Pakistan with the highest rate of return in terms of independent workers is the fifth. Overall, about 9.3 million are registered oDesk Elance itself. Freelancer’s overall revenue impact and demonstrate the value of the platform, is approximately $ 900 million. Millennials your- oDesk Elance is one of the favorite activities of the platform. Report freelancers are 26 years of age, half of the 35’s.

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