GIKI’s Team Invictus got 2nd position in Design, Build and Fly competition. This competition was hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In this competition, students from all over the world participated, even the well-known institutes. Such as MIT, Berkeley, UC, and Stanford. However, the student of Pakistani institute; GIKI students confirms the second position after beating many of these institutes and take the prize.

In the 2021 iteration of the competition, there is something new to do. Here, they were aimed to build and test a UAV with a towed sensor. There all students were provided with the task; to fabricate, design, and demonstrate the abilities of their unnamed radio-controlled aircraft that is designed and created for specific mission goals. According to GIK university declaration, they said that their university student team used advanced manufacturing techniques that included 3D pod and parts, and boom aircraft configuration for making their design.

U.S Embassy of Pakistan also congratulate the students of GIKI on their Facebook post:

GIKI’s team scored 85.9 for the proposal of their unnamed aircraft. This score was 1st best in Asia, however, it was 2nd globally. Their proposal was consisted of 60 pages totally, mentioned highly technical information as well as fly-offs that took place alternately in Kansas and Arizona, USA. Another thing that should also need to keep in front that it was the first time to work with digital collaboration tools but even that doesn’t become hinder the progress of the team, and they got 2nd position in this global competition.

Team is now planning to face of the radio-controlled aircraft industry in Pakistan. Furthermore, they are also aimed at promoting aeronautics and aviation as a hobby in Pakistan. So that more and more people become involved in it.

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