To ensure better services for the villages Punjab Government took an action by introducing Punjab Expanded Program on Immunization. This program now brought a new measure that the picture upload system is not misused. This measure includes the Android based E-Vaccs app as all vaccinators are aware of this app usage in all over Punjab as per the e-health initiatives of the Punjab Government as this facial recognition is not possible through the older versions

With this upgraded E-Vaccs app there will be a proof check submissions can be done which ensures transparent procedure. With the infant uploaded pictures this E-Vaccs 2.0 automatically uses facial algorithm and distinguishes between fake entries and real ones. Some vaccinators were misusing the app by uploading numerous entries against the single infant picture which creating the lack of services for the infants is being reported.

This E-Vaccs app not only having the feature of facial recognition it also help  to improve the monitoring, coverage and performance of vaccinators all around the province. This E-Vaccs 3.0 is expected in April 2016 which introducing father and guardian number of every child. Parents get noticed of their child’s pending vaccination date in advance of 2-3days by the arrangement done with telecom operators, which enables parents to know it prior hand to ensure the vaccination need to be done to their child.

For digital tracking and management of vaccine supply, storage, delivery from provincial offices to districts this E-Vaccs 3.0 will be connected to the Vaccine Logistics Management Information System. Since its induction in September 2014 has produced positive results like vaccinator attendance has improved to 90% and routine coverage to 74%. It also have additional features like E-Vaccs card with child picture and an unique ID and record of all vaccine doses.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) maintains the E-Vaccs card information in its database storage. Data is updated with PITB as the vaccinators take a picture of every child from their smart phones and recording every child’s immunization history with name, photograph, address, age and timeline and is accessible to health managers.

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