TechnologyArtificial intelligence to illustrate the script by Graham Jules

Artificial intelligence to illustrate the script by Graham Jules

Los Angeles, CA – We’ve all seen movies like “The Terminator” where artificial intelligence machines rise to take over the world with dire consequences. But what is the truth about artificial intelligence in the creative arts? Entrepreneur and writer Graham Jules has already leveraged technology to create his graphic scenario, “Virtual Heaven (Back to Reality),” Boo Media, Ltd. (Pop Up World) announced today.

Jules claims that his book is the first screenplay depicted by artificial intelligence. He says, “I thought it would be paradoxical for a real-world AI to create the images for the book. The script revolves around a grieving mother and husband who decide to bring their daughter back through genetics. Unexpected consequences unfold when a billionaire lab owner exercises control, unleashing an AI that… It threatens her motherhood and the fabric of society.”

Jules’ script uses AI-based image processing, or Open AI’s Dall – E 2. It can create unique high-resolution images and images from just a creative text vector. For example, do you want a realistic picture of a bear skating on ice? Just type in the command prompt and after a few seconds the AI ​​Neural Network will give you four options that you have conjured up out of the blue. Keep in mind that this technology not only returns the images in the database, it can create content based on artistic styles and unique images.

Are we really entering an era where science fiction meets reality? “Some say technology will impact jobs in the arts, but for now, while impressive, it will take some time before AI can write a high-quality screenplay or novel,” Jules says. Real designs are safe now! “

The progress of artificial intelligence is progressing at an ever-increasing pace. Entrepreneurs and innovators will need to stay abreast of developments to avoid entering markets that are severely disrupted by new technology.



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