BAIC Pakistan to launch X25 crossover – Sazgar’s

BAIC X25 crossover
BAIC X25 crossover

Sazgar consuming developed Greenfield asset rank is between various new players that come in the politeness Auto Policy 2016-21. The firm has combined ties with BAIC, which occurs to be the dual scheme companion of Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) in China to present a range of vehicles in Pakistan.

Launching new vehicles

As soon as they launched the first 3-wheeler adding BJ40SUV, BAIC X25 crossover, and D20, they are earning fame. These were displayed in a show held in Lahore in the year 2020. The lowest rate sedan was launched in the market later on.

X25 crossover

As per reports before the expiring of the policy, BAIC Pakistan will launch a new vehicle in March. It is also heard that they will introduce 4 new models. The modern news says that it would be BAIC X25 crossover.


X25 crossover will be sold at cheap rates to gain attention from the customers. Another reason for the cheap prices is to lessen the use of Chinese vehicles. BAIC X25 crossover is designed by a 1.5-liter engine joint to an automatic gear of 5-speed.

Cheap rates

As people are very crazy about crossover SUVs, so the company is gaining more attention with the launch of X25 crossover. It is the best car at an affordable price. Even though the price is yet to be announced but seems to be around 2.5 million.


BAIC Pakistan is very proud to deal with 20 different countries including Japan for its export. As it was dealing with 3-wheeler now it will also9 be dealing with 4-wheeler. As they want to create a name in the market.

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