Mining Bitcoin: A solutions for Pakistan’s energy challenges?


Different vitality challenge

After years of gap, Pakistan is fronting a different vitality challenge. We are creating a lot of other energy, lacking supply and network system, without proper usage method

Other problems than energy

Few of us might have forgotten this one in lean of challenges like globular dues, IPP authority agreements, and common variations and thoughts about energy prices. Some catch it hard to trust that we are creating more than our needs due to recall of load shedding

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister

Somehow, it is a fact that Pakistan creating more power than need, one may know regarding this. Due to, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister over Power Tabish Gauhar, Pakistan can now consume 50% more than it demands.

Moreover, it will put a burden on Government, when extra producing power is not coming into any use.

How we got ourselves here?

By what method we came to this state is a different topic, currently, I need to present a proper method to reduce our damages while coping with current certainty.

S19 Antminer

It is assumed that if Pakistan invests this energy in Bitcoins by applying updated S19 Antminer, this can format around $35 billion value of Bitcoins a year with fresh prices.

This will assist to reduce our debt within a couple of years

JP Morgan’s forecast

Pakistan can get $110bn as JP Morgan’s forecast is real of Bitcoins touching $146,000. It will be a game-changer if Mike Novogratz is right

Value of Bitcoins

What if Bitcoins’ value becomes zero in the coming days? It is a serious concern of some crypto critics, giving an argument to the future of digital currencies

Application of energy

The value of Bitcoins will not affect the loss of Pakistan, as it is already paying for the extra energy. Even though, excess energy is being used or not, have no concerns with the application of energy

Overabundance energy

So whatever pay Pakistan can produce from this overabundance energy can maybe be utilized to set up the conveyance organization to the end-use it productively.

I realize cynics will advise me that our greatest ongoing mechanical advancement is permitting individuals to open computerized records and we are as yet in the festival mode about that.

Minister of Science and Technology

Yet, I am cheerful. All things considered, Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has permitted the modern utilization of Cannabis and is additionally making a space gallery in Islamabad.

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