Zong Leads Mobile Data Speeds in Pakistan: PTA Survey Indicates

According to the latest survey it has proved that Zong is listed as the No 1 in data speeds, the survey of all connections brought PTA to a conclusion that other networks are not satisfactory like Zong.

3G speed for Ufone Telenor users is below 2Mbps and for Mobilink its 3G speed stood at 5.04Mbps and Zong hit the charts with 7.71MBPS of average 3G speeds on its network.

It’s difficult to say that Telenor’s average speed for 3G network reduced from 2.2Mbps during PTA’s last QoS survey to 1.94Mbps. The other networks Ufone, Mobilink also focused to increase the speed of their 3G networks since the last survey held preceding year.

According to PTA it has carried out this broad Quality of Service survey of 3G and 2G networks in Islamabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi to evaluate voice and data QoS as per the required standards.

Further PTA told they are doing QoS Survey in other regions of Pakistan.

PTA didn’t survey 4G Networks this time.

Adhoc QoS survey indicates that 3G operators with 10MHz frequency spectrum is higher than that of the Internet data speed supported by 3G operators with 5MHz frequency spectrum.

3G Speeds

During PTA survey it found data “throughput” of all 3G operators is higher than the benchmark set in their respective licenses. Data throughput of Zong is maximum supported by Mobilink, whereas data throughput of Ufone is the lowest among all NGMS operators.

Strong Signals

PTA’s QoS survey presented that strong signals of entire 3G/4G operators are above the benchmark signifying worthy in majority of the listed areas.

The least the value of strong signals on negative axis, the greater is the signal power. PTA highlighted that entire strength of Ufone and Telenor networks is better than Mobilink and Zong but due to additional frequency consumed by Zong and Mobilink for 3G/4G networks, their quality is superior.

Network Availability – 2G Networks

Network availability is the chance that mobile services are easy to access to an end customer by presenting network indicator on the mobile phone through the whole consumption.

Grade of 2G Services

Grade of service is chance that the end customer cannot approach the mobile services when demanded if it is proffered by presenting the network indicator on the mobile phone. In simple words, Grade of Service is Network Blocking.

The mobile operator community is meeting a particular Grade of Service that’s beholden in their license terms.

Call Connection Time

Call connection time the duration between sending of entire call initiation details by the caller and in reward receipt of call setup notification. In more simple words it is time between dialing a number and hearing ring back tone.

Adding more PTA also informed the call connection time of the mobile operator is not contented and they require doing in better way of connecting voice calls.

Call Completion Ratio

Call Completion Ratio is the probability that a service, once facilitated will move on to be supported under specific conditions for a particular time.  In simple words, this KPI gives information about Call Drops.

End to End Speech Quality

End-to-End Speech Quality of all the mobile operators is beyond the standard.

SMS Success Rate

SMS Success Rate is the chance that short texts will deliver soon and successfully, end-to-end when requested and presented of the related information on the mobile phone

End to End SMS Delivery Time

End-to-End SMS Delivery Time is period between sending short texts to a short message center and receiving the very same short message at desired mobile phone.

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