Zong Leads Mobile Data Speeds in Pakistan: PTA Survey Indicates

According to the latest survey it has proved that Zong is listed as the No 1 in data speeds, the survey of all connections brought PTA to a conclusion that other networks are not satisfactory like Zong.

3G speed for Ufone Telenor users is below 2Mbps and for Mobilink its 3G speed stood at 5.04Mbps and Zong hit the charts with 7.71MBPS of average 3G speeds on its network.

It’s difficult to say that Telenor’s average speed for 3G network reduced from 2.2Mbps during PTA’s last QoS survey to 1.94Mbps. The other networks Ufone, Mobilink also focused to increase the speed of their 3G networks since the last survey held preceding year.

According to PTA it has carried out this broad Quality of Service survey of 3G and 2G networks in Islamabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi to evaluate voice and data QoS as per the required standards.

Further PTA told they are doing QoS Survey in other regions of Pakistan.

PTA didn’t survey 4G Networks this time.

Adhoc QoS survey indicates that 3G operators with 10MHz frequency spectrum is higher than that of the Internet data speed supported by 3G operators with 5MHz frequency spectrum.

3G Speeds

During PTA survey it found data “throughput” of all 3G operators is higher than the benchmark set in their respective licenses. Data throughput of Zong is maximum supported by Mobilink, whereas data throughput of Ufone is the lowest among all NGMS operators.

Strong Signals

PTA’s QoS survey presented that strong signals of entire 3G/4G operators are above the benchmark signifying worthy in majority of the listed areas.

The least the value of strong signals on negative axis, the greater is the signal power. PTA highlighted that entire strength of Ufone and Telenor networks is better than Mobilink and Zong but due to additional frequency consumed by Zong and Mobilink for 3G/4G networks, their quality is superior.

Network Availability – 2G Networks

Network availability is the chance that mobile services are easy to access to an end customer by presenting network indicator on the mobile phone through the whole consumption.

Grade of 2G Services

Grade of service is chance that the end customer cannot approach the mobile services when demanded if it is proffered by presenting the network indicator on the mobile phone. In simple words, Grade of Service is Network Blocking.

The mobile operator community is meeting a particular Grade of Service that’s beholden in their license terms.

Call Connection Time

Call connection time the duration between sending of entire call initiation details by the caller and in reward receipt of call setup notification. In more simple words it is time between dialing a number and hearing ring back tone.

Adding more PTA also informed the call connection time of the mobile operator is not contented and they require doing in better way of connecting voice calls.

Call Completion Ratio

Call Completion Ratio is the probability that a service, once facilitated will move on to be supported under specific conditions for a particular time.  In simple words, this KPI gives information about Call Drops.

End to End Speech Quality

End-to-End Speech Quality of all the mobile operators is beyond the standard.

SMS Success Rate

SMS Success Rate is the chance that short texts will deliver soon and successfully, end-to-end when requested and presented of the related information on the mobile phone

End to End SMS Delivery Time

End-to-End SMS Delivery Time is period between sending short texts to a short message center and receiving the very same short message at desired mobile phone.

Enjoy the Warid Offer for Double Free Minutes for Postpaid Subscriptions

Warid Telecom has just introduced another entertaining offer for the postpaid customers. Get now the Double Bundle offer new Warid Postpaid customers, Port-in customers and subscribers switching from Warid Prepaid to Postpaid can enjoy double free minutes at no additional cost for 3 months.

For instance if you subscribe on W500 plan enjoy 250 free on-net minutes and 250 free off-net minutes, however consuming double bundle offer customer can enjoy double the regular benefit by getting 500 free on-net minutes and 500 free off-net minutes. The most significant thing this offer is available without any extra charges and same advantages will be supported every month for next 3 months.

Customers can simply dial *450*1#, or send “Double” to 4000 to avail this offer.

Warid telecom now boasting largest postpaid & LTE customer based in Pakistan with over 640,000 postpaid & 100,000 LTE customers.

Being the leading operator it continuous to offer a massive array of clients centric, best supportive services, reliability and this number moves to grow exponentially.

Important Points:

  1. Free minutes are equally split (50-50) between on-net and off-net
  2. Offer is valid for three months only for one subscriber
  3. Upon package change, offer will no longer remain valid
  4. Subscriber can activate offer once after activation & may not change it later
  5. Double Bundle can be continued upon monthly rental and deposit payment
  6. Old acquisition offer, Free for 3, is also available to new subscribers
  7. This offer is not available to corporate, existing postpaid & W4000 subscribers

Warid Introduces ‘All Night LTE Internet Bundle’ for 2G and LTE Customers

Warid has just introduced two latest and entertaining internet offers for its Glow and Prepaid customers. This “All Night LTE Internet Bundle” provides 10GB internet to LTE users for just Rs. 5, 2G customers can be entertained with downloading and surfing with “All Night EDGE Bundle” for only Rs. 0.99 with 1GB internet volume. This offer can be availed from 12 midnight until 9am daily, throughout the month of Ramadan.

How Do You Activate All Night Internet Bundles?

To activate this package users need to SMS either “RB<space>4G” for the LTE bundle or “RB<space>2G” for the 2G bundle to 7777. On the other hand customers can dial *786# to activate these bundles. For customers comfort these bundles will automatically renew on regular basis and can be unsubscribed through SMS.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Just Glow users and prepaid using Warid LTE services can use this All Night LTE Internet Bundle.
  2. Both new and existing customers are able to use All Night LTE Internet Bundle & All Night EDGE Internet Bundle.
  3. For Ramadan All Night LTE internet Bundle, best consumption policy of 10 GB shall be applicable. The provided internet volume can be entertained in both LTE and 2G coverage areas.
  4. For Ramadan All Night EDGE Internet Bundle, fair usage policy of 1 GB shall be applicable.
  5. To check remaining volume in your All Night LTE Internet Bundle, dial *200*414#.
  6. To check remaining volume in your All Night EDGE Internet Bundle, dial *200*413#.
  7. All Night LTE & EDGE Internet Bundles are auto recursive unless unsubscribed.
  8. All SMS sent to 7777 will be charged at Rs. 1+tax per SMS.
  9. All Night EDGE Internet Bundle is only for 2G Customers & will be available for all packages.
  10. These Internet bundles can be enjoyed in Ramadan only.

Warid inflates its 4G LTE network to 12 Cities of Pakistan

Warid has proudly exhibited the launch of its high speed 4G LTE services today in Peshawar, Quetta, Sheikhupura and Multan city. The LTE technology has been spreaded over 12 cities in total and consumers are delighted with a Click on the go boosted Internet services over their Smart phones by Warid Telecom.

FOC upgrade to 4G LTE SIMs and 1 GB 4G LTE enabled data services will be offered free for 5, which is a cheery topping for all its new & existing subscribers. Warid ensures its LTE service quality by adding this free trial to its valuable customers.

Through its state of the art technology and remarkable Customer Service, Warid has proven its distinction. Since the commercial launch of 4G LTE services, Warid mobile data users have been increased in a commendable figure due to its excellent product and services. The network quality and service delivery speak for itself.

In order to provide LTE enable devices for the interested Subscribers over the web, Warid Telecom took initiative and has patterned with Daraz.pk an Online Portal; where Warid 4G LTE certified gadgets and services can be viewed & ordered through its website www.daraz.pk/warid.

Warid launch 4G LTE for prepaid customers

Your wait is over now After offering corporate and postpaid customers , the news sources have confirmed, that Warid has finally started offering 4G LTE trails for prepaid customers.

so any Warid customer who has 4G LTE compitable handset and who works with in Warid’s 4G LTE coverage area can go to Warid Business Center to get Warid 4G LTE enable SIM to start experiencing free 4G trails.

Covered in the following cities mentioned LTE 4G free testing, not to mention:

Well, if you’re wondering, you Warid SIM 4G LTE trials experience is needed. Your old Warid SIM does not support 4G services and to update your Sim to go to the business centre should be mentioned.

It should be noted that the charges are Rs 4G SIM. There every size SIM slot (Standard, Micro and Nano), which means you can fit, 100. The SIM is released.

Enable you to enter your new SIM 4G, 4G compatible headset assuming you once, so you to experience 4G speeds on their smartphones are good to start.

Warid to Start 4G LTE Trials from Next Week

This news that people most had been waiting for will be ultimately here: Warid will be good to go to help start it is public tests due to the 4G LTE companies, we now have established with resources.

Inside primary step, starting next week, postpaid clients associated with Warid will probably be offered free of charge 4G LTE services being a trial run. And of course, 4G companies through tests will probably be NO COST.

Virtually all postpaid clients that are moving into insured places in addition when they include 4G allowed devices will probably be eligible to knowledge Warid’s 4G LTE companies.

Therefore that is the way you can delight in Warid’s 4G Demos:

* You must be a new postpaid client

* You must have Warid’s 4G SIM (instead associated with regular previous SIM)

* You must be with-in Warid’s 4G insurance places

We are informed that will Warid features started off offering 4G works SIMs to help these clients that have 4G allowed devices if many people are now living in 4G insurance places. Each of our resources notify that this means of changing customers’ SIMs can get finished ahead of the start of tests.

When you are a postpaid client nevertheless you’ve got not really gotten a new Warid 4G SIM then you definitely are usually not really in insurance location.

Good specifics we now have gotten, Warid are able to offer 4G LTE tests in six to eight towns associated with Pakistan including: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and also Rawalpindi (mainly the Bahria Town). I will tell you – in the insurance routes I’ve viewed — that will Warid’s 4G insurance will be beneficial plus they are about to develop their own 4G LTE impact in different towns.

Here’s tips on how to check whether or not you happen to be in 4G insurance location as well as not really:

* Post the TXT: 4G to 5555 to have insurance coverage details of your location,

However, make use of next approach:

* Visit Setting-> Circle Choice -> Handbook Research

Right here if you find “Warid LTE” circle indicator, then you definitely are in Warid’s 4G insurance coverage place. In addition to, if you’re postpaid end user in addition to if you’re obtaining that indicator but you’ve got not really been

recently shipped a good improved 4G SIM after that go on and face 321 for getting your own house.

We’re advised that it tests will be worked out to prepaid subscriber foundation over the following step. Corporation will be giving the option to standard customers for getting their own SIMs swapped out by Warid office buildings to join in on the 4G tests.

In addition to, recently management and business shoppers was made available the 4G tests, and from now on its postpaid buyer which will practical knowledge 4G tests. Pre-paid shoppers usually are subsequent, probably throughout couple of weeks’ time period.

Have to Take note Items:

• Data Services amid 4g Trials are free

• Data benefits under 2g system mode (GPRS/EDGE) aren’t free, so verify you are on 4g or purchase a 2g pack alongside to maintain a strategic distance from any amazements

• Postpaid clients who have 4g handsets and in the event that they are in scope ranges can get 4g Sims from Warid Business Centers, or on the other hand you can call 321 to get your 4g SIM conveyed to your entryway step.

• Doorstep SIM conveyance can take couple of weeks

• IPhone clients need to upgrade IOS 8 for smooth 4g usefulness

• When you embed a 4g SIM, you will get this content as a Trial subscription: Enjoy the final world-wide-web practical knowledge together with Warid while in TOTALLY FREE 4G tryout cycle. You will be knowledgeable when tryout period comes to an end. Normal 2G facts prices apply.

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