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Top 10 Software Houses in Lahore You Should Know About

Living and growing in Lahore is something different from other cities even the cities of other countries. Lahore is well known for its food abundance. The people from all over the world use to come here to full-filling their foodie desire: the traditional food. Not only traditional food, Chinese and fast food as well. Similarly, the news tech-savvy generations are also growing here with the advent of the modern age. Like Pakistan Tech News is also covering all IT information. Furthermore, people from different cities come to Lahore for working in famed software houses of Lahore. If you don’t have clear idea then after going through this article you will get to know about Top 10 software houses in Lahore that you should know about them. So let’s start discussion briefly, regarding the tech/software houses in Lahore:


  1. NetSol Technologies
  2. Systems
  3. Arbisoft
  4. Afiniti
  5. NorthBay Solutions
  6. Techlogix
  7. Nextbridge
  8. Conrad Labs
  9. Mindstorm Studios
  10. CureMD

NetSol Technologies

Netsol Tech

NetSol Technologies started in the year of 1995 by Salim Ghauri. It has 1500 plus employees in Lahore, London, Log Angeles, Riyadh, Bangkok, Adelaide, and Beijing. This firm has also awarded the first CMMI Level 5 certified company in Pakistan. This is one of those certificates that a company can endure with.


Top 10 Software Houses

Next, come systems, it is also prominent and one of the famous software in Lahore. This software house: Systems is one of the most progressing and gaining positive result in a short period. In simple words, Systems is not only one of the best software houses in Lahore but working is also proving fruitful day by day.




Yasser Bashir is the founder of Arbisoft, he founded in 2007 after the success of Deep Pixels. However, Deep Pixel is only focusing on the processing of 3D medical images. Deep Pixel is still working at small scale. On the other hand, Arbisoft is mainly focusing on software development services, which prove fruitful as well. In short, this is how Arbisoft became a well-known figure as it is now.



With over 150 patents, Afiniti’s technology examines data and commercially available information tied to customer identity to determine patterns of successful behavioral interactions and applies these patterns in real time to drive improvements in health, enterprise profitability, and customer satisfaction.


NorthBay Solutions

NorthBay Solutions

100% AWS focused onshore/offshore AWS Premier Consulting Partner, supporting our customers to accelerate the reinvention of their applications and data for a cloud native world. NorthBay’s more than 350 AWS certified employees excel in:

  • Developing and deploying database & application migrations,
  • Data lakes and analytics
  • ML/AI
  • DevOps
  • Data modernization/development




Techlogix was started in 1996. Three MIT graduates, whose names are Khurram Afridi, Salman Akhtar, and KewanQadre Khawaja. They started this firm for providing services regarding IT, eBusiness, and global consulting. Techlogix having 3 hundred plus employees. Their main office is located in Lahore: Techlogix. In Karachi and Islamabad, also possess branches. The core project of this firm’s working are mobile wallets like Omni, UBL service, and soft services regarding LUMS as well.



Top 10 Software Houses in Lahore You Should Know About

NXB has grown to 400+ Professionals working in various Software Wings in 3 major cities of Pakistan: Lahore, Islamabad and Multan. Their Developers are picked after a fine recruitment process in which their excellence and ability to excel is measured.

To keep up-to-minute with the latest I.T. trends, NXB has a dedicated Training Department to help Developers familiarize themselves with new technologies and frameworks. Right now, They have Pakistan’s finest software breed working in PHP, .NET (Web and Desktop), Ruby on Rails, Python and Mobile projects.


Conrad Labs

Top 10 Software Houses in Lahore You Should Know About

Abbas Yousafzai is the CEO of Conrad Labs. It was founded in March 2009. They prefer to go with the best engineering team, because of their working of the software at early stages.

Conrad Labs provides highly skilled technical resources to help launch startups. We build commercial-grade Web and mobile products, provide DevOps services.

Mindstorm Studios

Mindstorm Studios

Mind Storm Studios portfolio include some of the most iconic & wildly popular games like War Inc, Teeny Sheep & our recent Chart-Toppers such as Hospital Inc & Piercing Parlor. Allow Mind Storm Studios to show you their world in under 60 seconds!



CureMD is a leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform
the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.


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