QisstPay – The Revolutionary Interest-Free Instalment Solution for Pakistan

QisstPay is the fastest growing interest-free installment solution in Pakistan at the moment. And there is a good reason for that. It is a revolutionary idea. Online shopping amounts to nearly 18% of all retail shopping that takes place in Pakistan. This roughly means that 2 out of 10 people prefer to shop online. As we very well know that e-commerce is the future of retail and by 2040 this market share is projected to rise to nearly 95%. What this essentially means is that conventional retail stores will become nothing more than a relic of a bygone era.

As more and more people are starting to buy online the need for a reliable and interest-free installment solution is becoming increasingly crucial, enter QisstPay. It is a first-of-its-kind 0 markup, interest-free installment solution that aims to help consumers and merchants alike. There are some other platforms in this space, but they all suffer from 2 major drawbacks:

  • Convenience
  • Interest

These platforms are either too complicated and hard to use or they are simply unreliable. If you want to buy something on installments, you have to do a whole song and dance with the terms and conditions of these platforms. You are often required to put down something as security or you have to submit personal documentation in order to procure the installments. This leaves most consumers with an uneasy feeling in their gut and deters them from using these platforms. And if you decide to go through this ordeal, at the end of the tunnel you are met with extortionate interest rates that leave you questioning if all of this was even worth it? This is the problem that thousands of online shoppers face every day and the team at QisstPay understands that. QisstPay has been designed as a solution to this problem. Here is how QisstPay solves these annoying problems:

  1. 0 Mark-up and 0% interest – Anything that you buy on installments with QisstPay will be free of any kind of markup, interest, or hidden charges. You can rely on QisstPay.
  2. QisstPaywon’t ask for your CNIC – Yes. QisstPay is the first interest-free installment solution in Pakistan that will not torture you with complicated Terms and Conditions. You can rest assured that your privacy is protected.

QisstPay aims to bring a revolution to the world of online and in store shopping for Pakistan.  QisstPay wants you to be able to shop without the burden of having to pay huge interest rates and the fear of having to hand over your personal data to someone. QisstPay is your reliable and interest-free installment solution for online shopping. If you are a consumer then they offer the convince of being to shop more freely and if you are a merchant then they offer the chance to join the network and grow your business like never before. Let us tell you how QisstPay works.

QisstPay – How it works?

QisstPay has designed the platform to be as user-friendly as possible. QisstPay understands what you want and with QisstPay the intention is to give it to you as easily and seamlessly as possible. The platform is the first of its kind in Pakistan to provide interest-free and instant installment solutions. Here is how it is done:

  1. Unlimited Options – In order to cater to the diverse and unique market of online and in-store Pakistani shoppers, they have signed up with top brands and stores both physical and online to become a part of the QisstPay network. You will be able to use the installment solution with any store that has signed up with QisstPay. You will find the option to get installments using QisstPay on the checkout page of these stores.
  2. 2 Instalments – In order to keep the platform interest-free and make the process more convenient for you. QisstPay has developed the model of 2 installments. When you buy a product and checkout using QisstPay instead of cash on delivery, your transaction amount will be divided into 2 installments. 50% of the amount of the transaction will be deducted at the time of purchase and the second installment will be charged to you after 30 days. It is a clean and simple model that makes installments easier for everyone.
  3. Anyone can sign up – If you have an online or physical store and want to grow your reach to millions of new potential customers then you can sign up with us at QisstPay. QisstPay will help you shine a spotlight on your business by giving you access to thousands of customers. And if you are a consumer then QisstPay will introduce you to new brands and products that you did not even know existed. It really is a win-win situation and part of the reason why QisstPay is a pioneer in the interest-free installment solution sector in Pakistan.
  4. Keep your CNIC – As alluded to earlier, they do not demand personal information from the consumers in order to provide you an interest-free installment solution. Your privacy and data is important and they respect that. If you use QisstPay, you will not have to disclose your CNIC number to them. QisstPay simply don’t have any use for it.
  5. Security and Safety – All of the merchants are paid upfront for any purchase that is made using the platform. This means that you will always be in the clear even if a customer misses an installment. This is the kind of safety that makes QisstPay the most reliable and trustworthy interest-free installment solution in Pakistan.

QisstPay is the interest-free installment solution that the merchants and consumers in Pakistan deserve. Buying products with an installment solution should not be so complicated and difficult. QisstPay wants to make the process seamless and convenient for everyone involved.

How are merchants going to benefit by signing up with QisstPay?

If you are a business owner or a merchant that is new to the world of e-commerce, then you would have noticed that this is a highly competitive market. You have to stand out from your competition in order to make a name for yourself and get traffic to your platform. QisstPay can help you gain traction for your business and more eyes on your products. When you become a part of QisstPay, you not only get a reliable interest-free installment solution, but you also get a network of consumers that can become your potential customers. Here is how QisstPay can help you and your business if you are a merchant:

  • Free marketing – When you are a part of the QisstPay platform your business will get exposed to millions of online shoppers. This is free marketing and will have a higher conversion rate since these are high-quality leads that are looking for the specific product that you are selling.
  • Better Sales – When you offer your customers an interest-free installment solution for your products then naturally you are going to attract more customers. This is an edge that you will have over your competition. So, QisstPay is a great way to boost your sales.

How are consumers going to benefit from using QisstPay?

If you are an online shopper in Pakistan, then you must always be looking for new and reliable marketplaces where you can shop with peace of mind. As we have described earlier, QisstPay is the fastest-growing interest-free online installment solution in Pakistan. If you are looking for an installment solution that is instant and trustworthy then it does not get better than QisstPay. Here is how you can benefit by using QisstPay:

  • More buying power – The seamless installment solution that you get with QisstPay increases your buying power. You can buy more products when you know you can get them on easy installments.
  • New Brands and products – QisstPay is your platform to discover new products and brands. QisstPay has made sure to cater to the unique needs of the consumers of Pakistan. You will find everything from footwear to electronics on the interest-free installment solution.

If you are interested in joining the revolution of QisstPay then make sure to give us a visit by clicking here. If you have questions or want to learn more about the interest-free installment platform then you can contact us at You can also talk directly with the Co-Founder, Saad Ahmed, at +92 332 4767439. Shop freely, say no to interest and join the QisstPay revolution!

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