The metaverse at work will alienate your disabled employees, which is why

The metaverse at work will alienate your disabled employees, which is why

If you’re a business owner or leader thinking of hitting the “metaverse” button, you’re in luck.

New research seems to indicate that many workers are willing to embrace the concept, though often unable to say why the metaverse is at work, how it will improve their working lives, or even what exactly.

a Report Released at the end of September 2022 claim more than three-quarters (78%) of “business professionals” – probably at all levels – want to “embrace the metaverse”, which is certainly a phrase that ordinary people use.

The majority of respondents (71%) said they see the metaverse being integrated into their work life, and 40% saw the metaverse replacing “static collaboration environments” – most likely the likes of Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any of the Online Collaboration Tools Which has become common since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is despite Deepak Agarwal, project manager at GlobalData, acknowledging that “the Metaverse is still largely conceptual” after the company’s latest release. Report on the sheer size of the metaverse market. It doesn’t exist yet, but the company says there’s $23 billion in it.

For me the metaverse is several words with an asterisk at once and I can’t type it because I’m still in beta. I hope so Mark Zuckerberg loses $71 billion To the A buggy mess no one can be bothered about  (even in his own company) it would be a wake-up call for everyone else.

“Conceptually,” using the metaverse to sit in a virtual representation of your desk, and basically attempt any task with those ergonomic consoles, sounds rancid. And if I suffer prolonged exposure to my immediate principal as a Playmobil man, I will sell my earthly possessions and live in a cave. give him legs (Opens in a new tab) is not the goal. Instead, it’s the dictates of care and exclusion about all the working parties you need to be “normal”.

Because the most compelling reason I’m sick of reading about the metaverse in action isn’t that it’s a weird and boring power fantasy, it’s that I won’t be able to participate anyway.

In late August 2022, Conversation Spread Articles by three academic researchers in England discussing the potential benefits of metaverses for people with disabilities.

Except the article bases its arguments on a reductive view of disability that amounts to a “wheelchair”. This is not my experience with disability. I can walk, but I can’t even hold the controls, so any virtual reality is not a start for me.

It is also granted default navigation The idea that technology can give people with limited physical mobility more efficacy and independence has already been realized through the Internet.

I can agree with this. The Internet allows me to make a living, have a social life, absorb information and culture. It’s literally the pinnacle of human existence, and that includes the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – which the Internet allows me to look at anytime I want.

Computers have been around for so long that accessibility solutions – speech recognition, text to speech, on-screen keyboards, eye tracking, you name it – make working life accessible to almost everyone. Is it really progress if we tore it all up? That’s a rhetorical question, Mark.

Even worse, we have not only reinvented the Internet once, but at least fourteen times. Geekflare continues to add to this number, and I still grieve that God is dead. You can’t expect accessibility standards to appear across many platforms.

We need the solutions that already exist, especially in a time of massive upheaval like the — oh, that we’re living in right now. If Microsoft is newer Work direction indicator It is believed that 85% of leaders do not trust their employees to produce in a hybrid work environment.

This is clearly nonsense. But I’ll tell you what – a large portion of your disabled employees will not be productive when you put them in an environment where they can’t actually work. And you’ll fire them, right, because of the “future”? This should be an interesting day in court.

Forcing the metaverse into a working environment will disenfranchise many people. If you really want to recreate Ready Player One or Snow Crash – this is how you get there. Oh, you didn’t read it? Did you just think their Wikipedia was cool? yes.

Science fiction author: In my book I invented the Torment Nexus as a cautionary tale. Tech company: We finally created the Torment Nexus from the classic sci-fi novel Don't Create The Torment Nexus

(Image credit: Twitter / Alex Blechman)

It is irresponsible to push for a “metaverse in action” without considering these implications and ensuring that alternative work environments exist. And we already have those environments, because the plague forced us to make progress.

And if your gotcha here at the MENSA meeting is, “Okay, you can still call video conferencing‘, this is a tacit admission that we have already surveyed this high level of invention. It also disregards my firm religious belief that contact with the metaverse of any kind would make my heart explode.

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