I Tried UE Auto Heating Earbuds and it’s a Revelation

I Tried UE Auto Heating Earbuds and it's a Revelation

How often does your technology teach you something completely new about your physicality? For me, it is seldom–especially when the aforementioned revelation relates to the thing that earns me the bulk of my income these days, and my ear and test Best wireless headphones In the market. But today was not an ordinary day.

The highlight product (and I mean that literally and figuratively) are the UE’s Fits earbuds, which have been available in the US for a while but have just arrived across the pond in the UK.

UE, also known as Ultimate Ears, is a well-loved California audio giant that can claim some of its Best bluetooth headphones We had the pleasure of taking the test – see Wonderboom 2 As a good example.

Now, the info you need to know here is that these earbuds have a fitting process involved, but they do all the sewing while you wait—no audiologist, no silicone two-part kit, no impressions charging, no long waits to get your hands on. your ear. Remember thoughts like Avery custom ear tips to solve terrible AirPods issue? Nothing like that.

This is not a great picture. But look at the purple glow from my very hot ears! (Image credit: Future)

What you do is: download the UE Fit app, take the earbuds out of their slightly scary and sterile packaging, put them in the case, and follow the instructions. Everything takes about three minutes. The results stunned my mind.

It wasn’t a great start. When inserting the earbuds into my ears, the transparent tips (which actually cover the entire driver cover) were too big for my ears. However, the app reassured me that they could be held in place while the proper magic was happening.

This is the part that will really amaze you. The app warns you that it’s about to happen, but even so, I’ll bet you haven’t experienced anything quite like it. You can only get one shot at this, but the earphone parts stay inside your ear to heat up while wearing it. Almost immediately, I could feel the heat moving, slimming, caressing and grabbing the folds of my ears.

At the end of it all, the UE asks if you’d like to take a selfie (at which point you’ll notice it’s a luminous purple), and while I’d usually hold off the idea of ​​it, on this occasion I took the plunge. So help me, I posted it above…

Physics Lesson: Achieve Perfect Fit, Reap the Rewards

Fits and EU status, on a gray background

(Image credit: Future)

It almost makes me sad that in one group of lifetime UE Fits, they’ll probably only be asked to perform this transformational warm-up dance once.

It seems a shame to think of the great effort that must have gone into keeping those powerful thermal elements inside the driver’s housing! I’m almost inclined to order more tips (which is possible and presumably on offer in case you mess around for the first time) for $30. When I’m deciding if I want to buy them just to test again for fun, I should point out that they’re photosensitive, so UEs warn you to keep them in their pill case until you’re ready to go with the item.

I’ve never tried anything before, not even a file Best true wireless earbuds I bragged about this special feature. I’m honestly more surprised than that.

As any audiophiles will tell you if you let them, only when a decent seal is achieved between the ear tip and the ear canal can the acoustic talents of any in-ear headphones or monitors shine through. This is what happens here. Now DC’s Fontaines Bloomsday He appears especially angry, sad, burdened, quarrelsome and rough. It’s a physics lesson: get fit, and reap the rewards.

Fits the European Union closely on a white background

Can we just talk about the condition of the right ear? (Image credit: Future)

This isn’t a full review of UE Fits (which will take time) but other features worth noting are a single 10mm dynamic driver in each earbud, up to eight hours of continuous listening on a single charge, and “more than 20 hours of playback” with juice Extra from the box. You can play/pause music and answer calls directly from the earphones, and you can customize the earphone controls with the UE FITS app to activate the voice assistant, skip tracks, or control the volume.

With strategically placed dual microphones, UE tells me the earbuds are designed to reduce wind noise and enhance call clarity in any situation.

What I know so far is that they are fit Southwest Well, I’ve never had to fiddle with it while in use, which is unheard of. Well, I’ll say it: I was shocked at how small and kind of compact my right custom halves were compared to the nice oval left. This is not a complaint. yo see How do they fit in? I just… I never knew what my right ear looked like on the inside.

Anyway, no one sees that once it’s in my ear, right? Better bring them back…

The UE fits the handheld earphone

We see? That’s all they’ll see when I wear them (happily) (Image credit: Future)
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