TechnologyThe AI ​​processing unit promises better autofocus optimizations

The AI ​​processing unit promises better autofocus optimizations

Jeremy Gray

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST

The Sony A7R V uses the same 61MP image sensor as its predecessor, but don’t let that fool you, the latest Alpha HD camera includes some significant changes and improvements. Among the biggest changes is the inclusion of a Bionz XR processor and, most importantly, a dedicated AI processing unit. The new AI module is paying big dividends across key areas, including auto exposure, auto white balance, subject detection and subject tracking.

Not only does AI allow the A7R V to more accurately detect people’s face, eyes, and body, it also gives the camera the power it needs to perform AF detection and track non-human objects. Moreover, more animals were detected by A7R V compared to A7R IV, which was restricted to cats, dogs, and birds. The A7R V can detect insects, for example, which is a welcome change. Deep learning technology also provides better subject prediction, more reliable auto exposure and better auto white balance.

Another major change is the redesign of the in-body image stabilization system, which promises up to 8 stops of shake correction. The more powerful and accurate IBIS unit also operates a multi-shot offset mode. This mode captures 16 images and produces a final output image of 240.8 megapixels (requires Imaging Edge software on your computer).

The chassis also includes a new electronic viewfinder with 9.44M dots and 0.9x magnification, a new 4-axis tilting touchscreen and a pair of CFexpress Type A slots. These are big changes. The electronic viewfinder features nearly double the resolution as that of the A7R IV, has greater magnification and a refresh rate of 120 fps at full resolution. The 4-axis touchscreen means you can tilt it to shoot in landscape and portrait orientation, which is what Sony has always requested so much. Sony users have also requested better menus, and the A7R V promises to offer a redesigned menu and a new touchscreen menu.

For full details of the new Sony A7R V features, head over to the Sony A7R V Preview. We hope to get a review sample soon and put it to safety. The new AI-powered autofocus looks amazing and should make the A7R V a very powerful camera.




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