PAEC (Pakistan nuclear energy Commission) has connected atomic power Plant Unit-2 (K-2) with the national grid with a great of energy: 1,100MW Karachi. It is said in the statement that the Pakistan nuclear energy Commission (PAEC) has termed this atomic power plant Unite as a ‘Pakistan Day’ gift to the state. In addition, it stated that NPP (the atomic power plant) had achieved intensely at the top in the month of February.

However, now it is undergoing in a certain safety tests and after the procedures, it will finally connect to the national grid of Pakistan. On December 1st of 2020, the loading of fuel onto these plants had started just after making it clear from the nuclear regulatory agency of Pakistan.

Congratulating the state

While congratulating the state over the achievement, Omar Ayub Khan, who is the Federal Energy Minister, he said in his Twitter message that 105MW electricity is going to facility the plant.



In one of the PAEC’s issued statements, they said that K-2 is going to be the first atomic power plant in Pakistan. The reason is that this atomic power plant will generate 1,100MW. In addition, it will help to improve the economy of the country, along with the national grid.

This project K-2 along with another under-construction atomic power plant project near Karachi. They are probably going to inaugurated regarding commercial operation in this year: the top of May.

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