Mobilink’s Guardian Watch for kids

Mobilink’s Guardian Watch for kids will be available for pre-orders from the 22nd of February 2016. It came into existence as a means to provide peace of mind to parents with regard to their children and their safety which is a wearable watch and is a real-time GPS tracker, a phone and a button for placing and SOS call to the main numbers stored previously. The price was not said but supposed to be best priced in the market with the latest feature set.

The Mobilink wearable range devices are controlled with an app which has GPS and location tracking, text messaging to the wearer and voice calls. There is also a multi-device setting to allow the addition of users and watches under a single app and a server connectivity setting to upload the interval for sync of data to the Mobilink servers for security.

This watch is used with the button click and the advanced features are kept in the related smartphone app for parents used to geo-locate the kids, to make auto-answer calls to watches clandestinely, generate voice and text messages to watch and customizing the settings like contact management and barring incoming calls.

Parents can install 3 guardian numbers for SOS calling where on the absence of the first number the call is transferred to the second and then the third.

Talking about the ‘Guardian Watch’, Ali Khan, Head of Data and Devices – Mobilink said,

“This watch is like our popular Guardian app, but just easier to use, and more unlikely to misplace than a mobile phone. It is a complete solution for parents concerned about their kids, who aren’t old enough to operate or carry cell phones.”

While elaborating on the idea behind this innovative offering, he further added,

“The idea behind it is that kids today aren’t allowed to move and roam outside the boundary of their homes alone, something most of us have done throughout our youth. With this watch, we have provided a better option for parents looking to stay connected with their kids without inhibiting their freedom.”

The ‘Guardian Watch’ is available to pre-order from 22nd March, 2016, for deliveries in near future. This wearable GPS tracker and phone comes with a master application, and a USB charger, while it requires a biometrically verified Mobilink SIM to operate

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