Microsoft Azure Conference held in Lahore

On the 25th of March Microsoft Lahore held a conference which was dedicated towards highlighting and untapping the potential of Microsoft Azure, at the “The Power of Cloud: Innovate with Microsoft Azure & Visual Studio Event”. OffRoad Studios, already being in collaboration with Microsoft Azure, was invited to present one of its products built upon the concept of monetization and gamification of Human Resource.


It was primarily a networking event for Microsoft partners, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Startups, all at one place. This unique networking experience, coupled with tech savvy sessions, was to help motivate more innovative solutions using the power of Microsoft cloud.


Overall a great event hosted by the Microsoft Innovation Centre Lahore. We loved sharing and discussing the possibilities of tomorrow with a contagiously passionate crowd with an unwavering commitment to create and innovate. The top names from the technological tear attended and participated, a few of them are NetSol Technologies, OffRoad Studios, Infotech, Systems Pvt Limited, Descon and Soloinsight.


Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi to get free public Wi-Fi

Punjab Government is making wi-fi services available for free in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi at many public locations and government buildings in these cities.

Following a report shared by Dr. Umar Saif, the head for Punjab Information Technology Board this is ready to go live in Lahore. 115 public locations which include 12 parks, 17 main markets and 20 colleges will be using this free wi-fi service.

CM Shahbaz Sharif gave approval for Wi-fi under Metro Wi-fi Network Program at important educational institutions, hospitals and railway stations, airports, metro bus routes and bus stands etc.

PITB started and executed many projects like online web service for monitor of schools in Punjab, system for finding and monitoring businesses for tax collection and automation of Punjab police force. It is the government organization’s work in their target for modernization of the province.

Plans are also there to make Wi-fi in Karachi also but there is no specific date announced.

Haptika – Pakistani Startup Aims to Bring VR and Augmented Reality to You

VR gaming is in high demand and names like Sony, HTC, Facebook and Samsung are all into it with their prices above Rs. 50,000 range which out of limits for many and also restricts the ‘truly immersive gaming experiences’ for the average Pakistani gamer. There is a Pakistani startup presently that came in to bridge the gap between VR and AR gadgets in the country.

Haptika, a startup that wants to bring body-wide haptika feedback and virtual reality mode for your favorite PC games, and even medical and military applications. We need not keep the VR and augmented reality (AR) for entertainment only, when the technology can also assist in training doctors and soldiers also.

In Haptika, you will be the decision maker on the battlefield, survey war zones, and with the Haptika-developed force feedback-based body vest you can also feel bullets as you are fired upon by enemies. Players can use an aiming weapon (Virtua-Cop style), to take down threats onscreen.

Currently, Haptika features a 7-man strong team of dedicated technologists brought together by Muhammad Nabeel (Founder and CTO).

Nabeel gives credit of Haptika to a discussion with his brother Huzaifa (Founder and CEO) where the discussions led to the idea of something for Pakistani tech scene and went with the idea for a robotics-based startup

As a member of the Haptika team he found some dedicated students:

  • Iqbal Sajid Khan (Lead Hardware Designer and Developer)
  • Syed Kazim Hussain (Lead Software Developer)
  • Afzal Rana (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Shahzaib Khan (Chief Finance Officer and Hardware Developer)
  • Mohammad Ahsan (Lead Technical Specialist)


Haptika Launch and Product Details

Haptika is launching today (26th March 2016), after successfully graduating from The Nest I/O.

You can check them out here.

Initially, the startup will be selling the Haptic Wearable Device (force-feedback body vest) for Rs. 8,000 apiece. The vest is available in many colors such as blue, army green, black and gray. For Counterstrike players, this gadget can bring a whole new meaning to their gaming experience.

We wish the Haptika team all the best and hope that they pave the way for more Pakistani startups to make a splash in the red-hot virtual reality space.


Source: ProPakistani

FBISE is on Its Path – Introducing New Online Services

An online application service for assisting the many students educated under the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) was launched by the board which will facilitate the students in the examination processes, admissions and results. They can apply for the rechecking of their results, document verifications, roll number slip correction from the FBISE website. The site will be offering the following services also.

  1. Online appointments
  2. Applications for Migration or NOC Certificates
  3. Syllabus and papers, Date sheets
  4. Online fee challan forms
  5. Admission form submissions
  6. Name corrections
  7. UFM cases
  8. Fee and scholarship information


Interested students can visit the FBISE online section( and download the challan form before filling the online application. Forms filled online do not require physical copies to be sent to the Federal Board. After payment of challan at a HBL branch students must enter the receipt number in the online form. Form can be submitted online and its status can also be viewed online.

The Board as an Institution Information Corner on the website where their affiliation status with the board can be checked and they can also get nomination forms, notifications, test result statistics and online admission applications. A live chat is also available on the site where the board’s staff will assist and help students and others through online chat in the office hours.

The FBISE Secretary, Muhammad Sarwar said that these services are in the test phase and many applications are received online and improvements will be needed for making this available always to help the students. Students from far areas will be benefitting from these services otherwise who have to travel to Islamabad for applications and those with internet access can submit applications from their home itself.

DHA to Get Digitized with Zong 4G Services

This development which is in relation to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ceremony on Monday, is where the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) employees getting access to Zong’s telecom services and high-speed 4G technologies following a corporate agreement between the two parties.

DHA Lahore is switching to Zong for the ensuring of trouble free telecom services and giving his views on the occasion, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zong Niaz A Malik said the corporate collaboration between Pakistan’s 4G cellular network  and the housing society will help the latter get equipped with the most reliable and speedy voice and data services. “This will surely stimulate the professional efficiency of DHA Lahore.”


Pak-China IT Park in Islamabad Goes to Execution Phase

A “Go Ahead” is given for the finalization of the land identified with the stakeholders and for completion of other formalities for establishment of Science and Technology Park in Pakistan to The Xinjiang No.13 Division of Construction Corp, Hami, China.

Sources revealed that Xinjiang No 13 Division asked for providing the digital map of land Islamabad city for working on the plan and the starting of the feasibility study. The details of the component companies in this venture from Chinese will be provided very soon.

The establishment of Pak-China international science and technology & commercial and logistic park in Pakistan looking at an investment to around $1.5 billion under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was agreed to by China.

The area of construction will be in the stretch of 500 hectares and completion of the project will be a period of 10 years in 3 distinct phases of 3, 4, and 3 years respectively.

The structure of investment is equity participation by providing land by Pakistan, while the finance is from China. This is a co-ownership venture between Pakistani side and Chinese side and Chinese partners will pull in merchants and project investment. An employment generation of up to 150,000 personnel is looked at during this period.

The project has two parts:

  • Establishment of Science and Technology City
  • Establishment of Commercial and Logistics Park


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) will be undertaking Science and Technology City along with Chinese companies. A commercial and logistic park proposed to be co-owned by National Logistics Cell (NLC) from Pakistan side is also agreed upon by the Chinese.

The key functions of the Science & Technology Park are:

  1. To provide an exhibition and developmental platform for academia and industry (local and international)
  2. To develop knowledge-based enterprises by undertaking research based routes to the development and commercialization of ideas and technologies
  3. To act as a knowledge provider by establishing university research and education infrastructure, applied research laboratory facilities by public bodies at the Technology Park
  4. To be a dynamic business and trading platform for local and international industries
  5. To showcase Pak-China commodities in order to provide impetus to the existing collaborative ventures while simultaneously encouraging new linkages
  6. To act as a wholesale and retail market
  7. To provide Financial support services such as through establishing venture capital entities, regional development agencies and/or banks at the Technology Park
  8. To provide modern e-commerce platform keeping up with latest global trends
  9. To act as an investment and financing platform for novel startups and technologies
  10. To set-up Business Incubators and Business Development Centers, both for male and female entrepreneurs alike.


The Technology Park will be a real-estate development entity owned by the Pakistan government / COMSATS Institute of Information Technology and taken care of by qualified professionals.

It looks for supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, promotion of S&T ventures, providing interface to academia and industry and kindling the competition of the geographic environments by locating knowledge producing, adapting and using enterprises.

The positive factors behind the Pak-China IT Park are increased economic activity via investments and jobs creation, enhancing capability, making the knowledge ventures more visible, and knowledge workers knowledge workers mobility.

Pakistan IT Sector Offers Liberia Technical Assistance

While talking with the Minister for Education of Liberia, Mr. George Kronnisanyon, Pakistan’s Minister for Information Technology, Mrs. Anusha Rahman said that Pakistan is now known to be a top investment destination of Telecom and IT in South Asia. She was in Paris for attending the Mobile Learning Conference under the auspices of UNESCO, the agenda being to find new ways of tapping into the mobile learning potential for socio-economic development.

Mrs. Rahman said that Pakistan’s freelancers are in the No.4 position in the world and mentioned to the Liberian Minister about the accelerated digitalization programme to increase the socio-economic growth in the country. She spoke about the ICT for Girls Programme started recently which targets passing the benefits of ICT to this less privileged section of the marginalized society where girls from sections would be given training in coding and computing with Microsoft’s Partnership for improving their chances of employment.

Also, Pakistani government is putting billions of rupees for providing telecom and broadband facilities under the Universal Service Fund. And with CISCO and Microsoft, a complete IT education programme for ICT schools is under making. She also said that the recent telecom policy which was approved is appreciated by the industry and other stake-holders as a landmark.

The steps taken by the Government of Pakistan for socio-economic development by using the ICT effectively were much appreciated by Mr. George Kronnisanyon and wanted Paksitan’s expertise in the ICT field, The Ministry of ICT agreed to provide all support in the fields of ICT and education and promised to work the issues for a MoU between the two countries.
Ambassador of Pakistan to France and permanent delegate to UNESCO, Mr. Ghalib Iqbal, and Member HR Ministry of IT, Mr. Tahir Mushtaq were also present during the meeting.

Pakistan tops Asian telecom users and investment destinations

Pakistan takes the first place in the South Asians as telecom users, a destination for investment and many multilateral institutions, the World Bank this week said. Pakistan leads the region in e-commerce, digital finance and branchless banking in the forward movement expanding of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy campaign.

A maximum sweep and use of mobile telephony, other equipment, commercial, business, industrial, education and media sectors is seen from the Arabian Sea shores, beside the United Arab Emirates to the Himalayan heights and the K-2 peaks in north extreme of Pakistan. E-commerce sights and businesses are coming up in these snow regions. Vendors sell fancy Pakistani handicrafts as far as Germany, Norway and Japan via the Internet. While this change of the telecom and IT users is in progress, Pakistan is the first destination for foreign investors and the market is changing to being the kind where all types of mobile telephony, telecom and ICT related services and products are used.

The sister countries include production and assembly of computers, laptops and other It equipment is growing with these developments. The production activities are likely to expand and the proposals to reduce the present taxes and other concessions are being considered by the government. Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) has proposed a withdrawal of some taxes and the levy of fixed customs duties and taxes on IT products.

Our proposals will encourage legal import of IT products, remove taxes relating to the Generalized Scheme of Preferences. It will provide the IT industry a level playing field, reduce consumer prices, and cut down large scale smuggling,

Says PCA chairman, Munawwar Iqbal.

If the government agrees to levy a fixed tax on each IT product, it will bring Rs5.5 billion a year in the form of new revenue.

Abdul Rauf Alam, president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCC&I) says:

The computer industry in Pakistan plays a significant role in the development and progress of the overall economy. The problems being faced by PCA and other sectors of the private sector are being discussed with Finance Minster Ishaq Dar, who is busy preparing the budget and the tax proposals for the National Budget for 2016.

The budget will be unveiled in June. Meanwhile, the World Bank Group and its 25 associates in the programme to reach Universal Financial Access -2020, of which Pakistan is a member, reported that

Around six per cent of adults in Pakistan have mobile accounts as compared to South Asia’s average of less than 2.6 percent.

Pakistan having a formal and regulated transaction account is opening a channel to other financial services as savings payments, insurance, and credit, which can be helping people manage their lives better. Confirmed by the statistics are the prospects for IT-mobile telephone services and banking for moving forward hand-in-hand and enjoying growth in the various sectors.

It is shown that 13 percent of adults have a formal account, less than 5% women are included in the formal finance sector, 27.5 million adults say distance to a financial organization a barrier for the opening of a financial account while 2.9% adults have a debit card. The telecom sector is seeing a growth in the form of new equipment import, new connections and the state of the art technology, private use, and its applications from e-commerce to banking and fintech. The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA), World Bank and internationals say that this number is in millions.

The number of broadband subscribers is over 26 million people, PTA said which increases the broadband usage from 3 to more than 15 percent. A 10% increase in the high speed internet connections will increase the GDP by 1.38% World Bank says. A good and positive effect of coming of broadband in Pakistan is set to happen on the growth of the economy. This shows the speed and size of the rate of dividends and profits is in this modern telecoms and the reason as to invest foreign and domestic funds in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s first ever computer hardware factory started production

Karachi has seen the production of laptops, PCs and tablets from the first high-profile computer hardware factory.

The assembly plant of OneApple was started by the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) President Zahid Saeed. Tahir Rizvi, the Regional Head (Asia Pacific) said this brand will be competing with the brands of the world and asked the government for considering the local brands and invite tenders from local manufactured IT products for providing level playing field.

Also the local brands face many troubles for the registering of their names in different government’s departments and also added that in the time of many investors leaving Pakistan because of poor law and order situation OneApple has made an investment in Pakistan. He also expressed regret over the dumping of used and trash computer and IT hardware which will be becoming a threat to the environment.

This plant in Karachi was set up by his company with the financial support of a Canadian and some Chinese investors and also aims to set up mobile phones assembling plant in Karachi later on.

Zahid Saeed, the KATI President considers it a good sign that OneApple started its manufacturing plant in Korangi Industrial area and bought foreign investment and assured OneApple management for all possible help in its endeavors.

Also, Haier announced its idea to start Laptop manufacturing in Pakistan and also the launching of manufacturing of smartphones from Pakistan.

The story of OneApple hardware factory was first appeared on Daily Times.


PSEB and Five Pakistani Companies Exhibit at Mobile World Congress

A Pakistan Pavilion was setup in the AppsPlanet hall, where traffic relating to mobile applications is seen, by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) with five IT companies at the Mobile World Congress for the second year in a row. The five IT companies with the PSEB are Evamp, SecureTech, Versacom, VectorDynamix, and DPL and their exhibits displayed information about their applications and mixed with exhibitors of more than thousand stalls at this largest telecom event of the year.

Secretary IT, Mr. Azmat Ali Ranjha and Chairman PTA, Dr. Ismail Shah, also visited Pakistan Pavilion. They were greeted by MD PSEB, Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain and the exhibitors. PSEB’s efforts with the IT companies were shown by the secretary for the second year consecutively and the importance of participation of Pakistan in such events to increase IT exports and creating awareness about Pakistan’s IT industry. It is to hope that Pakistan’s participation will improve yearly helping increasing the pavilion’s size to reflect the true potential of Pakistan’s IT industry. A documentary has also been played at the pavilion and distributed brochures and USB’s to foreign visitors to the pavilion.

Many countries setup pavilions at Mobile World Congress to showcase products and expertise of their IT companies. The event will run for four days and is expected to generate new foreign leads and business for Pakistani IT companies.

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