Combating Poverty and Pollution with Electric Powered Vehicles – Zar Motors


If you still think that global warming and climate change are still just buzzwords, then it is time to think different and they make the following generation of Earth worry regarding the ecological destruction.

In the developing countries, where there are almost no environment-friendly initiatives, it is rare that we hear about something that makes us take notice.

Zar Motors is an environmentally-responsible company providing Electric Rickshaws and Loader Vehicles with non-combustible engine in Pakistan, which is looking good for Pakistan’s future.

Begone Gas-Guzzlers, It’s Time for Electric-Powered Vehicles

No petrol or CNG required?

This will make the Pakistani trucker or rickshaw person take notice, because US-based Zar Motors provides an alternative to Pakistani transportation industry at an affordable price.

The conversation these days might be dominated with Metros, but the real revolution is in electric-powered rickshaws and loader vehicles that companies like the aforementioned Zar Motors offers.

Let’s take a look at what Zar Motors offers.

Zar Minicab


This electric-powered 3 wheeler takes 2 hours to charge up to 80 percent capacity. And it can go 130km to 150 km with a full charge.

The Zar Minicab has space for 3 passengers plus a driver, and is also comfortable when compared with the average rick you see on the roads these days.

Price of Zar Minicab: Rs. 240,000/-

To find out more about the Minicab, see here.


Zar Loader


The electric-powered loader is perfect for hauling off weight upto 750kg, making it a worthy alternative to the Suzuki Carry trucks normally in use here.

Its eco-friendly design and economical fuel engine makes it a good buy.

Price of Zar LOADER: Rs. 250,000/-

To find out more about the Loader, see here.

Both Zar Loader and Zar Minicab comes with warranties, that include:

  • Batteries: 18 months
  • Motor: 12 months
  • Charger: 12 months
  • Controller: 12 months


A Zar Motor’s person told  that Gel Batteries used in Zar Motors are maintenance free with an average life of around three years or more, though the price to replace the battery was not mentioned. For fully charging a battery it takes 3-4 hrs.

Why the entry of an Entity like Zar Motors is a Huge Deal for the Pakistani Market?

Pakistan has an investor-friendly market but there is a draught of consumer-friendly and environment-friendly investors. Companies like Zar Motors are welcomed with relief by the consumers in a market environment where companies get away with wrong anti-consumer practices, like the present Pakistani automobile industry players and their allies.

There is a wrecked transportation in most of the country not taking into account the noise and pollution. The rickshaws and loaders by Zar are equipped with environmental friendly features that reduce the carbon footprint by an enormous margin and also do not make a huge sound.

This is because Zar Motors’ philosophy is in line with United Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), something that should adopted by more multinationals operating in Pakistan.

Will the company be able to address the two issues – poverty and pollution. There is a promise of spare parts availability and almost zero maintenance which is a good factor for companies aiming to make a humongous social impact around Pakistan.

For those worried about the company not passing governmental seal of approval, rest assured, because Zar has the support of all Pakistani provincial governments as well as the Engineering Development Board (EDB) and Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).


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