TechnologySony hacked evidence of negligence on the company at the end of...

Sony hacked evidence of negligence on the company at the end of Cyber security

Hackers increasingly large corporate data was hacked last week, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and now private leaked documents, more than 47,000 employees and former employees, including social security numbers of files, as celebrities including Sylvester Stallone continues .

Among the famous Hollywood and Wall Street Journal, Rebel Wilson, and director Judd Apatow’s Anchorman are affected, salary information security number, address and contracts for employees as well as Sony Pictures found can be.

Documents are encrypted and openly as Youtube login passwords.xlsx Microsoft Excel files with names of the original developers were not placed. This is the social security number, address and contact for all employees who are exposed to would be awesome.

Leaked Sony Cyber security has raised serious questions about anything. The company last year suffered a similar attack in the course of a year to try to improve the security of cyberspace seems. Immediate response to malicious attacks Company is presented.


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