Press ReleaseGangnam Style Video Breaks the YouTube View Limit

Gangnam Style Video Breaks the YouTube View Limit

Korean singer Psy Gangnam Style viral video Amazing 2154803897 visits approximately 2.15 billion YouTube views to update the counter for that minute. The developers are forced YouTube continues to grow with each passing Reached views day body presented digits.

forcing viewers to videos on 9.22 trillion, which means the maximum number of 32-bit and 64-bit counters.

On December 1st, YouTube released a statement saying: “We have a video more than an unsigned 32-bit number that he had never seen … but that was before we met Psy” .

Google YouTube Trends counter saying a stand with respect to the changes made were the owners: “We have to prepare for it a couple of months before our system has been updated and looked,” U call the owner of the tube, then a 64-bit counter is updated – “(9,223,372,036,854,775,808 Max is 9 trillion).

Videos about 9 million “likes” and more than 1 million “dislikes” and it has broken all records of popularity and Psy himself was probably not aware of this fact was presented in July 2012. As a chord right has shown that gaining more and more popularity Gangnam Style video.

Gangnam style video has already won several awards and being highly secure video in the Guinness Book of World Records have won a place.


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