GadgetsSlide is Pakistan’s First Rewards Based Lockscreen Android App

Slide is Pakistan’s First Rewards Based Lockscreen Android App

The common person unlocks their smartphones more than 100 times each day. Imagine a scenario in which you could work towards winning something substantial every time you did that. That is the reason behind Slide, another lockscreen Android App. The brainchild of Junaid Malik, previous COO of Bramerz, Slide was dispatched at an occasion held before in Lahore today.

The way it works is this: subsequent to connecting your Facebook account, you select what topics interest you, enter a couple points of interest and that is it. Presently every time you open your screen, you’d see custom-made substance and the choice to search through and read it (and obviously the choice to open the phone).

Every time you read an article or open your screen, you get focuses which can be reclaimed for treats. A lot of distributers like BuzzFeed, Daily Mail and even ProPakistani are joined forces with Slide so there is no deficiency of drawing in substance. At this time, you can just recover focuses for mobile top ups yet clients will soon have the capacity to benefit rebates at their most loved attire stores, get free film tickets and significantly more.

While the thought for a prizes based lock screen application is not new, Slide is certainly one of the first ones that have custom-made their item for the Pakistani market. Considering the amount of time the normal individual spends on their telephones and the rising offer of cell phone clients in the 129 million mobile subscribers in the nation, the thought behind Slide bodes well.

In any case, the irritating question of monetization sterns its revolting head each time a startup is specified and it’s the same here. Applications like Slide regularly get got in a chicken and egg problem. They aren’t feasible till they get a minimum amount of users and they don’t get a minimum amount of users unless intensely incentivized.

For instance, at this moment Slide is by all accounts joining forces with distributers for nothing. More traffic is constantly great so you won’t see any of them whining. Then again, it’s paying manifestly obvious prizes to its users. That needs to leave some place and I feel like once enough traffic begins being produced, they’ll begin charging distributers for showing up on the lockscreen. On the off chance that that happens, it evacuates all motivation on the distributers part and disposes of the extremely content that users have gotten to be usual to.

Then again perhaps the group behind Slide is more brilliant and have another arrangement which we haven’t seen yet. In any case, it’s a clever little application that would pay out 100 rupees in portable adjust once every month in the event that you utilize normal versatile opening measurements. Considering you’re doing it in any case, we’d say it’s well justified, despite all the trouble. All things considered, there is nothing Pakistanis like more than free stuff.



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