Users have craze to know which Smartphone camera is ruling the world, as they always like to have good impression through pictures to their friends. This is a query for those who have deep love for photography and casual users who care for the best damn camera phone inside. If you want to determine it, then utilize the most reliable way DxOMark test.

Lets Know First, What is DxOMark Test

You would like to know what is DxOMark, it is a test that takes the Smartphone camera via a series of technical and actual world tests, measuring the performance of the camera lenses in different situations. This is certainly determined by taking the technical dimensions of the lenses as well as the camera factors. The test traces performance on different factors. This comprises textures, noise, artifacts, noise, contrast, flash, color quality and exposure.

For a long period, the iPhone’s camera architecture and performance was invincible. For the longest time in last few years, Samsung has invested huge amounts for better camera components and software technology to obtain the edge on Smartphone picture performance. The trendy DxOMark achieves below will provide users an amazing image of the beat camera phones in the market.

The latest DxOMark score below will give you a pretty picture of the beat camera phones in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 – 86

Samsung Note 4 – 83

Apple iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 – 82

Samsung Galaxy S5 – 79

Sony Xperia Z3 – 79

Sony Xperia Z2 – 79

Google Nexus 6 – 78

Nokia 8080 Pureview – 77

Sony Xperia Z1 – 76

Apple iPhone 5S – 76

We observe the Samsung Galaxy S6 series that owns the top crown for now, thanks to the amazing still pictures that Samsung’s trendy and best phones are capable enough. Everyone knows Note 4 is somewhat downwards in DxOMark scores. Apple iPhone gadgets are scoring at #3 since Apple’s promised to the iPhone snapshot holding capabilities all are worthy enough.

However where the concern is for video, the Samsung S6 series once again have the control over their competitors with their competency to shoot in improved detail in both shimmering and low light compared to others. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge entertains with better exposure and white balance and color production in videos as well.

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