Apple October launch: the new devices we might see this month

Apple October launch: the new devices we might see this month


The iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 launches have come and gone, but Apple likely isn’t done with hardware in 2022 yet: rumors are that we’ve got a few new products to look forward to before the year is over.

Although we had an Apple event last October, this time it is not clear if Apple will host a real event; Instead, it is suggested that he will make do with a flurry of press releases and online advertisements.

Despite dealing with the reveal, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s on the list, thanks to multiple rumors and leaks over the past few months.

Read on to find out more about the Apple products we think coming this month, and what we know about them so far.

new ipad

Apple’s current entry-level tablet, the iPad 10.2 (2021), was launched in September last year, so now we’re due for a new device — and the iPad (2022) is due out this month.

There has been talk that the 2022 iPad will finally drop the old design of the range, which still has a home button and thicker bezels, to bring the cheapest iPad in line with other Apple listings. 5G support could also be added for the first time, and a faster processor could also be had.

We also expect the new iPad Pro 2022 models to appear. The current iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) and iPad Pro 11 (2021) debuted in April of last year, so they’ve been around for longer than the entry-level iPad.

The good news is that the new models seem to be worth the wait. One rumor indicated that the iPad Pro 2022 will come with MagSafe, and several leaks suggest that it will get an upgrade to Apple’s M2 chipset.

Moreover, rumors suggest that Apple may actually be able to lower the price of the iPad Pro 2022, which is of course very welcome. There have been suggestions that the iPad Pro could switch to OLED displays, but it seems likely that this will be an evolution for 2023 rather than this year.

New Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K 2021 with remote control

Apple TV 4K 2021 (Image credit: Future)

We last got a new Apple TV 4K in April 2021, when it was revealed alongside the new iPad Pro, and it looks like these two product lines will be updated together again in October 2022. While streaming TV boxes don’t necessarily need an update Each and every year, word is that Apple will indeed launch an Apple TV 4K (2022) very soon.

It might not actually be called that, though; There are indications in the latest tvOS software that the new Apple TV could support 8K video, in which case Apple will have to rebrand the device to match it. While there isn’t a huge amount of 8K content out there right now, that’s definitely the direction we’re headed.

Elsewhere, reliable sources have said that the 2022 Apple TV 4K will come with a faster processor and more memory, which will make it more capable of streaming and gaming.

We’ll have to wait and see what these rumored upgrades do with the price, though the current model retails for $179 / £169 / AU$249, and while we’ve argued a cheaper new Apple TV model, there’s no indication we’ll get one in Anytime soon.

New Macs and MacBook Pro

14-inch MacBook Pro (2021) open, angled facing

MacBook Pro 2021 14-inch (Image credit: Future)

Of course, there are always new Macs and MacBooks in the pipeline at Apple, but based on launch patterns in the past, we think several models will likely get an update this month. Apple has already said that a new 2022 Mac Pro is in development, built on Apple silicon, which isn’t shocking given that the current Mac Pro has been in the works since 2019.

We might as well be looking at a new Mac mini 2022: the current Mac mini 2020 was one of the devices that ushered in the M1 era, and there is likely to be an upgraded version based on the M2 chip. From what we’ve heard, the Mac mini 2022 will stick with the current design.

Other Apple computers slated for an update now are the 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021) and the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021). Once again, it appears that these laptops will be upgraded to the M2 chip, although as with this year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro (2022) we may not see many other changes: the MacBook Pro has just undergone a process A major redesign, so we’re expecting Apple to stick with it for much longer.

New HomePod

Gray Apple HomePod

The original Apple HomePod from 2018 (Image credit: Future)

And what about the new HomePod? HomePod was officially discontinued in March 2021, but the smart speaker market continues to do active work, and there have been rumors that the Apple HomePod 2 is coming.

The original Apple HomePod was one of the best wireless speakers out there, so Apple’s decision to focus on the smaller (and cheaper) Apple HomePod mini came as a surprise. Therefore, the suggestion that a new version could be released on the way is welcome, and we’re also excited about the rumors that led to it appearing with a screen, in a twist that matches what Amazon and Google have done with their smart speakers. lines.

Of course, it’s also due to the HomePod mini update – now nearly two years old – and there have been leaks suggesting we might be getting an updated version of this product as well. If a new model comes out, expect some upgrades in terms of sound quality and supported features.

We likely won’t see all of these devices appearing on the same day and at the same time, especially if Apple doesn’t care about a dedicated event, but now all of these products are very much on display to show up in October 2022 once anything is official, we’ll tell you of course.

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