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Gadget dreams and nightmares, delicious and a journey through the Land of unwanted gadgets, friendly welcome to another installment.

Between elements of the week to get my attention portable charger and espresso machine, a hack robots, limited radio function, and a camera are wonderful.

X rated show my interest in the use of each item, and recommend them to spend money on quality or intensity with which are not an indicator. (Early hint: do not buy radio thing.)

HTC camera RE:

HTC (pictured above) RE camera out of the box for the moment it is faster to start a box is almost as if it was never there.

Instead of making us look through a viewfinder, taking advantage of modern technology, it almost minimalist device, has demanded the return of old forms of photography.

In the hands of someone who could detect none of which has a periscope-style screaming and asthma inhalers, looks like a cross between. This is not a Lytro.

transfer content wirelessly to a smartphone and it can capture 1080p video and 16 megapixel image as something positive. Perhaps, for example, a child school performance smart phones, large holding fast to hold for long periods of time more comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, you just need to grab something quickly – for example, if a crime is taking place – RE camera photos, leave or take over a smartphone can quickly and discreetly began shooting.

However, I do not see it taking off. A quick whip out a smartphone and use it to take pictures could not be easier. There can act as a viewfinder is a companion application, but it currently can take a picture with your phone that looks somewhat redundant.

. Moreover, it can be such a bad idea, taking photos with their tablets when they stopped.

Soon Fast-battery

About this increasingly unlikely that means the battery is charging, take a smartphone than two years of age and lasts a whole day at home.

It’s time I caught an external charger, and faster load quickly seems like a great option.

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