Post-credits scenes in the Super Mario Bros. movie made it clear

Post-credits scenes in the Super Mario Bros. movie made it clear

Full spoilers for the Super Mario Bros. movie. You have been warned.

Super Mario Bros movie Jumba finally made its way to theatres. And like any good Marvel and DCEU movie, one of our most anticipated new movies of the year comes packed with post-credit scenes that tease the series’ future.

In our view, Nintendo’s new big screen, Universal Pictures, and Illumination play a role Mario The gaming franchise is a dazzling cinematic knockout. You can read more about why we think it’s so awesome in our spoiler-free review Super Mario Bros movie.

But you’re here because you want to know what the video game movie’s mid- and post-scenes mean for future blockbusters. Without further ado, here’s the lowdown on Super Mario Bros movieStingers end credits.

Explanation of the mid-credits scene in the movie Super Mario Bros.: Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

Midway through the film, the stinger finds Bowser imprisoned for his crimes. (Image credit: Universal Pictures/Nintendo)

The film’s mid-credits scene had no bearing on potential sequels to Super Mario Bros movie. In fact, it’s an amusing rehash of a sequence previously seen in the movie.

This scene begins with Bowser sitting at the piano again, singing his “Peaches”. You know, that song he sang earlier in a funny way. Of course you do. This timeless love song will never be forgotten – especially one co-written and performed by the brilliant Jack Black.

At first, this version of “Peaches” sounds as if it’s going to be a longer version of the Bowser song that was linked earlier. After all, it’s positioned as a music video-style rendition of the tune, which it looks like will play along to the rest of the credits.

Humorously, this is not the case. The trolley is stopped in the middle of the stream by one of Toad’s guards in the Mushroom Kingdom. A concerned Toad tells Bowser to shut his mouth, at which point the camera pulls back to reveal a buggy, sitting on a miniature piano, locked in a birdcage.

Wait, why is the camper so small? In the film’s climactic battle, Bowser is defeated by Mario and Luigi who are powered by the Super Star System. After they put him in his place, Princess Peach feeds Bowser a baby blue mushroom, which reduces Bowser to a small version of himself. After his defeat, he is taken to Peach’s castle and locked away so that he can no longer harm the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighboring realms.

Unsurprisingly, the hot-headed camper isn’t happy about the bouncer being told to shut up. He angrily tells the guard that he will run away one day, but the guard ignores his lecture, instead locking the door behind him and turning out the light. Never mind, camper. We are sure that someone will help you escape at some point…

The Super Mario Bros. post-credits scene is clear: Yoshi joins the fray

Pink-colored Yoshi looks at someone off-screen in the Super Mario Bros. movie

Looks like Yoshi will be part of the next one Super Mario Bros movie. (Image credit: Nintendo/Universal Pictures)

Super Mario Bros movieThe post-credits landscape has more far-reaching implications than the average credit holder does.

Here, we return to the underground pipe system where Mario and Luigi were initially transported to the Mushroom Kingdom early on. The arcade has seen better days, mind you – after all, with Mario piloting the giant Belt Bell into the warp pipe in the film’s third act (thus saving the Mushroom Kingdom by Bullet Bill), the projectile exploded as it exited the warp pipe and destroyed the surrounding network of pipes. .

The resulting explosion did more than destroy Brooklyn’s water pipe system. The bombing inadvertently transported the now-defunct torsion tube set of the film’s main cast — and a few others, we’ll get to — to Brooklyn. This is why the movie’s final showdown between brothers Mario and Bowser takes place in the New York area.

Once Bowser is defeated, everyone heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom—expect one thing: a Yoshi’s egg. As the camera slowly zooms in on the object, it begins to hatch. The screen turns black as the egg cracks, and all we hear is the green-tinted dinosaur saying its name. Cue audience smiling and gasping all around.

Mario's tanuki dodges Bullet Bill in the Super Mario Bros. movie

Mario saves the day and ends up causing Yoshi’s egg to hatch. (Image credit: Universal Pictures/Nintendo)

If you remember the lead up to Bowser and Peach’s wedding that didn’t happen, one of the guests put a Yoshi egg on the wedding gift table. This is the same egg that is sucked into the stamen tube later. There’s no such thing as a little bit of an alarm, eh?

Yoshi’s arrival in the Mario Cinematic Universe – we can call it the MCU, right? – means that Nintendo, Universal, and Illumination can come from a whole host of files Mario And Yoshi Games in a futuristic movie. They can adapt parts of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island And Super Mario Galaxy 2Which sees Mario riding Yoshi. The trio may take inspiration from 1997 Yoshi’s Islandwhich was briefly glimpsed (in some appearances, anyway) in a scene by Montague V Super Mario Bros movie. If the next Mario The movie is more of a piece of music, so why not use Yoshi’s abilities the same way Mario does in the movie? Super Mario Sunshine or paper mario?

Of course, a sequel to this movie could offer something entirely original. Yoshi was hatched in an underground part of Brooklyn, so he’ll likely scare the townspeople when he makes his way above ground. early part of any Super Mario Bros movie The follow-up can see Mario and Luigi trying to capture Yoshi and bring him back to the Mushroom Kingdom. We think another side-scrolling section would work very well with this chase sequence. Make it so, Nintendo, Universal, and Illumination.

Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad, and Cranky Kong ride their karts in the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Super Mario Bros movie It could launch a movie franchise for Nintendo. (Image credit: Universal Pictures/Nintendo)

A Mario-Yoshi joint venture doesn’t have to be the next project these three studios tackle. Seth Rogen, Charlie Day, and Keegan-Michael Key, who voice Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Toad, respectively, have all expressed interest in playing their characters again in the spin-off films. If one or more of those are already in development, it might be a few years before we see Mario and Yoshi teaming up on the silver screen again (you know, after they did in the terrible 1993 Super Mario Bros. live action movie).

Still, as long as Super Mario Bros movie successful, we’ll be happy to wait for a sequel or two – no matter who’s in it – if they end up being just as good, if not better, than the legendary Italian plumber’s latest cinematic adventure.

for more Super Mario Bros movie coverage, check out our exclusive chat with the film’s cast, detailing the latest news Mario The movie aims to put Nintendo’s cinematic demons to rest.

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