Unforgettable AI Raises $2.75 Million With New Creative Quiz Experience

Unforgettable AI Raises $2.75 Million With New Creative Quiz Experience

For years, walled gardens have made it virtually impossible to build alternative ad analytics or launch creative testing startups.

What is an analytics start-up that can outperform Google Engineering or charge less than Google Analytics, which is free for most users? And why hire a dynamic creative engine when testing is an option in Facebook Ads Manager?

But times have changed. The Walled Gardens have pulled down a peg or two, at least for now, and startups have room to come up with new ways for brands to get back to pre-ATT standards for testing and attribution.

The latest entrant is Memorable AI, a creative testing startup that raised $2.75 million earlier this month, including stakes from MediaLink CEO Michael Cassin and from robotic vet Brian O’Kelly, who recently launched his own new start called Scope3 score. Online advertising. for carbon consumption.

Unforgettable AI Raises $2.75 Million With New Creative Quiz Experience

Bertelsmann, a German media conglomerate, has also invested in a memorable fundraiser.

The founders of an unforgettable AI organization met while earning a master’s degree in computer science from Harvard University. But the startup actually grew out of CTO Camilo Fosco’s memorable thesis for his doctoral program at MIT, the purpose of which is to study how people remember or don’t remember different video formats over time.

Sebastian Acevedo, CEO of Don’t Forget, said it became clear that Fosco’s idea could be applied to create a reseller program for marketers. So the two decided to launch their company in 2021.

The memorable company’s early clients include some huge brands: L’Oreal Spain, Unilever, plant-based food maker Upfield, and Coca-Cola’s Wabi unit, a data-driven group within Coca-Cola. Wabi is the app used by store owners and e-commerce sellers to restock products.

get creative

Both Google and Meta are actively optimizing within their channels, but only within their own.

Acevedo said they do not integrate historical sales and advertising data from all the other channels where the brand distributes its product or advertising. That’s why attributable sales from Google, Meta, and Amazon together can sometimes exceed the number of purchases generated during the campaign.

The cost of A/B testing and dynamic in-flight creativity is also an issue, Acevedo said, because it can eat up between one-fifth and one-half of the campaign budget.

But he said brands want ways to test without having to spend a lot on media as a first step.

A memorable approach is to analyze historical data from advertising platforms, signal service providers, and ad servers, using approximately 80% to train a creative model and another 20% to test the model. Its software analyzes data to find out which media and innovations are responsible for driving the metrics required for the brand.

metric system payment

CTR, brand recall, lead generation, or video viewability may all be associated with different creative strategies or formats.

“We’re neutral when it comes to metrics,” Acevedo said. “If someone comes to us and says video viewership is what they care about and what they present to their boss, we focus on video viewership.”

At some point, though, it might make sense for Don’t Forget to more actively suggest KPIs to its clients, he said.

But for now, Memorable is still building the main channels where its technology can be used, including the Meta and TikTok apps. It’s in the process of implementing Amazon, with plans to add Google within the next few months.

“We are trying to focus on the biggest demands of our customers, and lately, everyone wants to decode TikTok,” Acevedo said.

But some new business is actually coming through the big platforms themselves.

Acevedo said many of the recent gains in the accounts have come from Google’s sales customers. Although platforms have dynamic “brute force” creative tools, including templates and basic A/B testing, he said, if advertisers can scale up to creativity, the platform’s ROI will improve and advertisers end up spending more.

Creative is a powerful yet underappreciated performance lever. It’s also why longtime software practitioners like O’Kelley and Kassan have invested in the startup, according to Acevedo.

Advertising technology often focuses narrowly on targeting, reach, and auction-based decision on each placement. Creative design can help increase conversions, but is usually not considered in most automated systems.

“Anyone who works in creativity really suffers from a lack of empowerment,” Acevedo said. “We try to give them data-driven solutions, because judge them based on the data.”


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