TechnologyPlan for E-Government is working good governance

Plan for E-Government is working good governance

Anusha Rehman, a master plan for e-government, the Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom, Pakistan good governance, transparency and accountability is working for.

Planning the most effective manner possible to provide electronic services in the population will cover. Service learning and education, agriculture and health may benefit from the information technology that includes all areas. Ur new services, both traditional sectors and emerging technologies can help. For this purpose, several parks have been established across Pakistan.

First, he already has acquired 45 acres of land where Chak Shahzad, was built in. A feasibility study for the park plan in January 2015. At the entrance to the people who provide services to the electronic universal telecentres, will include the creation will be ready.

Korean Ambassador initiative, beneficial to the public as was praised by his son Jong-apprhwan. Pakistan and Korea, he said more work, especially information technology to promote cooperation in various fields between stressed the need to do something.


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