Exclusive: Pakistan-based services for citizens (applications) to invest billions in bringing

Pakistan’s government has tons of services to citizens is the foundation is working on a project whereby – in the form of web and mobile applications – will be launched in the coming days, are aware of the development Cellular sources told.

The final plan has not been signed yet, since the sources declined to be named, and has partnered with leading multinational companies under the government of Pakistan’s first substantial applications, and a telecommunications company for on the web and mobile citizens.

These applications useful information to the public, reporting and similar services will be designed to provide.

According to the students, startups, the private companies (such as health, education, agriculture and e-government as) has identified five areas (or literally any) will be asked to come up with ideas. (In each area mentioned above) tens of better ideas will be selected by a grant to get it done.

The value of the subsidy depends on the scope and application value.

We may hope that this initiative requests can not say much about the type and orientation, but it usually see in movies Pakistanis were based services will be able to experience be safe to assume that while.

Ideas based on their production, for the ultimate benefit for society and the country will be priced.

No word yet on the total value of grants and the government will accept the implementation of ideas that would provide for the number of views.

In the next couple of weeks-with the official announcement of the project is expected.

With the start of the government through the IT services based on the information provided through channels is intended to improve governance.

After the creation of Pakistan in 3G and 4G technology, this type of initiative has been forced to spend – only when the question was about.

You can transform our communities, societies based information system for the construction of the environmental urged the government and the private sector have read our previous story, then it is the realization that he had dreamed.

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